Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tree Creature

This week I'll be drawing from the rather controversial Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine and Steve A. Roberts Angel Tarot Cards (Hay House, 2012).  This deck is sold as being "100% safe, gentle and trustworthy!", which strikes me as pretty silly - life is never 100% safe and gentle, so why should something which reflects life be?  Nevertheless, I think the deck itself is better than the advertising, so here goes :)

While the text follows traditional RWS interpretations, the imagery is rather different.  A magical tree creature with seven crystal balls containing the image of a beautiful blonde seems to wave his branches.  At the base of the tree, a fairy with gossamer, multi-coloured wings stands, looking towards it.  Is she there to harvest the crystal balls?  Is that her image they contain?  Will she have to wait for the balls to float free of the tree on their own?  While the hardwork aspect isn't apparent, the idea of waiting for a harvest is possibly there.

As for me, today I guess I see "a temporary pause in action".  My MIL is coming over, so I won't have much time to myself.  In fact, this whole week has rushed by in a blur, and I've felt like I had little time for much of anything.  I hope next week will be calmer!

I am grateful for the promise of a harvest of quiet time in the future.


  1. Oooh this is neat!

    i do like some of these images for sure. They are very colorful and spritely. I can see how they'd get the thoughts flowing.

    This reminds me of something I kept thinking today, which is I have to add to my house drawing/painting project by putting a tree somewhere!

    I agree with what people are saying about Doreen Virtue's ridiculous guarantee about the oracle. How silly! I personally think her decks tend to be too 'soft' and sometimes I need something more pointed. But this deck is very interesting, anyway.

    Hope you get some time to BREATHE soon!!


    1. Hi MM,

      Ooh, yes, you can't have a house without a tree :) Though I love the planters and what not you've got.

      And yes, I agree that Doreen Virtue's decks tend to be a bit too "fluffy bunny" for me. I tend to like decks with a slightly dark edge better.

      Still waiting for breathing space, hopefully this week...

      Hope you had a great weekend!
      Monday hugs,