Friday, 11 May 2012

Tribal Queen

Another of the Wands Court visits us this Friday from the Sun and Moon Tarot (U.S. Games, 2010).

The Queen of Wands reminds me of Beyonce in tribal dress: sensual, passionate, strong and challenging.  This woman holds a burning wand high, casting light around her, illuminating the dark with her focused flame.  No tame domestic cat by her side; instead it is a cheetah, fastest animal on the planet.  I recently saw two cheetahs in a wildlife park, and they are amazingly sleek and powerful, totally beautiful!  Deadly, too, though that stays well-hidden. 

The Queen of Wands also covers her fierce strength with bonhomie: she is sociable and fun, but beware if you cross her as she may turn on you with claws bared.  She lights up the room when she comes in, and has the determination to see things through.  Her focus  is often on others and how she can support them rather than on how she can manage and control them, which would be more the King's domain.  However, she may well want things done her way, even if they are for someone else.  Still, if she takes up a project, her own or someone else's, she will give it her all.

This is a great card for a Friday: the Queen of Wands certainly knows how to party ;)  She will also help see us through the work day: if there are any projects that need finishing up, she offers us the energy to make that last push so we can go into the weekend with a clear conscience.

I need some of that drive today - my presentation for Monday is still unfinished, and I won't have much time over the weekend *eek*

I am grateful for drive and focus.


  1. Love your description of the Queen of Wands :-)

    Now GET off the computer and GET ON with that presentation *turns up Chloe's full Queen of Wands mode*

    Ali x

    1. Hi Ali,

      This is a cool Queen of Wands, isn't it? :) Sadly, couldn't do any of my presentation today as various other higher priority things came up. Ah well... I did bump into two different friends while I was out with Big Boy, though, so that's my socialising for the weekend :D Hope you had a productive day, and an enjoyable Friday night? ;)