Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Unicorn Disagreements

Another card of the suit of Air today from the Angel Tarot Cards (Hay House, 2012).

This time we have five unicorns, horned heads pointing in towards one another as though they might fight.  I base that on the fact that their heads look too close together to just chat - they're in one another's faces!  Also, the unicorn that looks towards us seems to have flared nostrils, as though angry and breathing hard.  Plus it fits better with both traditional interpretations and with the key phrases - at least "an unwise choice" and "review everyone's motives".  Even these, it must be said, are more upbeat than "feeling defeated" or "a lose-lose situation", which would be other possible phrases for this generally inauspicious card ;)  I like, though, the suggestion to "learn what you can from this situation".  Something that could be said for every card of the tarot, perhaps, but it does suggest the challenging nature of the Five of Air (Swords).

I really hope there isn't too much of this in my day today!  Perhaps it suggests some office politics when I go in to see clients.  Having merged with/been taken over by another charity, there is a bit of vying for position going on.  It could also suggest I watch my words when I speak with my supervisor, though I can't really see it.  He's such a sweetie, even if I said something inopportune he would just take it as a teaching opportunity :)  Which I guess fits with the learning motif...

I am grateful for the opportunities to learn that life offers.

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