Sunday, 24 June 2012

At The Sharp End

Today, another swords card greets us from Twilight Realm: A Tarot of Faery (Schiffer, 2007) and the Faerie Tarot (U.S. Games, 2007).  The Ten of Swords is rarely a pretty card, and that holds true for both of these versions.

In the Twilight Realm, we see a battlefield scene of death and destruction.  Corpses are littered about, all with deep, blood-red gaping wounds.  They lie on rolling hills that are brown and barren, watched over by a crimson sky.  Overhead, a skeletal faery flies with a red banner, proclaiming the victory of death over life.  Certainly, the card is heavy on drama, and “takes no prisoners.”

The Faerie Tarot, on the other hand, shows a single, blonde faery woman huddled down with her arms wrapped around herself, and tears streaming down her face.  Two blades pin her cloak to the ground, while eight more loom over her threateningly.  Her cloak looks like a night sky, with an indigo background illuminated by stars, and a couple of verdant green swatches to either side of her.  She wears a dress of lilac, with purple patterning.  One interpretation that springs to mind is of a “lady of the night” under attack from harsh tongues.  So, the death is one of her reputation, or maybe her livelihood, rather than necessarily of her body.

A situation that risks wounding, then, be it of body, reputation, or emotions.  Yet, the absolute drama of each card, in different ways, does beg the question of whether the situation is really as bad as it is painted.  After all, the end of the swords pips simply makes way for the beginning of another suit.  Unless there is actual physical death (and even then if you believe in an after life or reincarnation), there will always be something new to follow any destruction.  And who knows, the next go round may be a bit smoother...

I hope this card finally heralds the end of the pain and miscommunication that have been dogging my life for the last couple of weeks  - enough already.  A clean death and a new beginning are called for...

I am grateful for the reminder that there are no winners in a battle to the death.


  1. wow, that first card especially is pretty intense image indeed.

    good luck with things.

    1. Hi Bonkers,
      Thanks :) I think maybe I was chanelling some of the overdramatic aspect of this card! We had a talk and things are much better now ;)