Tuesday, 26 June 2012


A very strange pair greet us in this comparative draw with the Twilight Realm (Schiffer, 2007) and the Faerie Tarot (U.S. Games, 2007).  Two versions of the Page of Swords, yet very different, and somewhat challenging to traditional ideas of the card, too.

The Twilight Page is fairly “normal” - a young,  probably male figure holding a sword, which he seems to caress with his rather pink-tipped nails.  He looks at the sword as though assessing its heft and sharpness, still getting to know this weapon.  His clothes are elegant - a pleated, bright white shirt, a deep red over tunic, and a gold and red-jewelled chain across his chest.  A young noble, then, learning the crafts of war, strategy and arms, not yet experienced, but willing to learn.

The Faerie Tarot Page, on the other hand, is a rather amusing, pot-bellied little chap.  His beard is grey, suggesting age, his nose is red (too fond of faerie wine, perhaps?) and he stands in a snow-clad landscape playing bagpipes.  His clothing is rather florid - a purple cape with orange and pink patterns, a lilac skirt, orange leggings, a red shirt, and a brown hood.  Even his bagpipes are bright - green and red checks - and his wings are turquoise with purple markings and black tips.  Behind him, a sword stands, tip down, in the snow, while above him five birds fly high up in the air. 

He seems a far cry from the normal idea of Pages as being young and inexperienced, but perhaps this is to remind us that the important part is to be young at heart?  Or maybe he is just starting to learn to play the bagpipes (so raucous that he has been banished to the countryside, with only birds to scare with his croaking, groaning sounds), and so, though old, he is starting fresh in this regard?  Or could it be that his age is a faerie glamour, just to confuse us?

Learning something new, in either case, can be seen, though other interpretations are certainly possible.  If I did not look at his title, I could imagine the Faerie Page of Swords as a chirpy reaper, playing a death knell on his instrument.  The Twilight Page also has a rather macabre bent to him: “Is this a dagger I see before me?”  Or maybe that’s just me... ;)

This guy came up in my video reading on Saturday, and communication, or miscommunication, has certainly been a bit of a theme for the week.  I hope this card simply suggests I can learn something new today, perhaps from my client work, rather than meaning that I may suffer another bout of "foot-in-mouth" syndrome!

I am grateful for the times I think before speaking, and say what I mean.


  1. Lol @ being sent to countryside with the bagpipes.

    I had this card the other day and can very much relate to 'foot in mouth' syndrome. This is not a card to take lightly.

    1. Hi PLN,
      Hope the "foot in mouth" epidemic has abated somewhat ;)

  2. Great interpretation (foot-in-mouth syndrome) for this card! You have communication issues (Swords) combined with immaturity or childish impulsiveness (Page). Nice!

    1. Hi Zanna,
      This is one of the things I love about doing a daily card. As you say, this interpretation makes perfect sense, but I'd never thought of it that way before. Every day a new opportunity to see something in the cards :)