Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Biker Boy

Another Court card comes to meet us from the Zombie Apocalypse TaROT (Joe Frost, 2012).

I rather like this Knight of Swords.  He looks appropriately angsty, or perhaps that is angry.  Either way, he seems willing to move fast and not shy of getting into it, being a biker.  His bellowing face gives me the same feel as a Knight riding full pelt towards battle, and his badges are a nod to knowledge and information.  Not really someone I'd want to meet in a dark alley, but then, being a Zombie, that would be the case with most of these characters ;)  There is something sharp and spikey about him (maybe it's just the hair), but I feel this card is a good fit.  What do you reckon?

As for my day, I'm seeing clients and need to lay clear boundaries with one of them.  I suppose the Knight of Swords' energy could help me with that - clear, firm, cutting to the chase - so long as I don't slip into his more negative side - angry, aggressive, snide.

I am grateful for clarity of thought and speech.

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