Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bright Spark

©Beth Wilder
Another Court Card comes to visit from the Twilight Realm (Schiffer, 2007) and the Faerie Tarot (U.S. Games, 2007).  This time it is the Knight of Wands who comes to light our way.

The Twilight Realm Prince (Knight) of Wands has extremely pointed ears emerging from his flowing brown locks.  He seems to look out at us from the corner of his eye, checking whether we are watching what he’s up to.  He wears a green tunic, colour of new life and growth, with diamond patterns of various colours around the neck and upper arm, and under this he wears a red-brown shirt, colour of passion and enthusiasm.  In his right hand he holds a quite delicate wand with a small, diamond-shaped crystal glowing brightly at the tip.

He seems a bit of a showman to me: checking if we’re impressed by his magical display.  He acts confident and cheeky, glancing at us from the corner of his eye.  And though his will does light the way, showing his energy in the wand, he holds it quite delicately still, perhaps not as experienced as he would have us believe.

©Nathalie Hertz
As for the Faerie Tarot Knight of Wands, he sits astride a dun-coloured horse with a blond mane and blue tack.  He, too, wears a green tunic, though this time with a yellow cape with red trim, indicative of enlightenment that is firmly grounded.  He also wears a purple shirt and trousers, suggestive of wisdom, with brown boots, connecting him to the earth.  On his head is a helmet with a sharp point topped with a red dot, and his pointed ears peek through his long, dark hair.  His wings give off bright white sparkles, while his wand gives off red sparkles to match the red fruit within green leaves topping the wooden staff.  His horse carries him through an autumnal landscape, with the sun low in the sky behind him.

To me, he seems somewhat weary, though his steed looks calm but interested.  Yet the sparkles around his wings and wand suggest he does have plenty of energy at his disposal.  Perhaps he just hasn’t yet decided where to channel it.  This can certainly be a problem for the Knight of Wands; full of enthusiasm, but without a clear goal, so his energy may be dissipated along the way, with little to show for it.  The sun behind this Knight appears to me to be setting (though perhaps on another day I would see the sunrise here), which suggests he may have already expended much energy.  His clothing makes me think he may be a little wiser than some brash young knights, so perhaps he is tired after a hard day, leaving behind a job well done.

After several days of feeling exhausted, I'm hoping this card bodes well for having a bit more energy today.  I have my last ever essay to write by tomorrow, so I'll need a bit of a boost!

I am grateful for creative energy.

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