Friday, 8 June 2012

Firebird's Child

©Martien & Teressena Bakens
For this last day drawing from the Fifth Tarot (Blue Dolphin, 2010) we meet another Court card, the Initiate of Fire (Knight of Wands).

I love the energy and dynamism of this card.  It also puts me in mind of the S.J. Tucker song, Firebird's Child: come join the dance, and make it wild!  I definitely see that wildness, energy, movement and passion in this card, and it fits well with traditional ideas of the Knight of Wands, too.  A desire to fly high and far, to explore and adventure, to keep moving, are all traits I associate with this card.  The old Russian fairytale of Ivan and the Firebird fits with this archetype, too, speaking of a young man who goes off on a quest for the firebird, facing down danger and finding love and wealth - everything that a Knight of Wands wants.

Today, my Dear One and I are off exploring pastures new - we're having a short break in a local spa hotel!  Plenty of heat in the sauna, but hopefully not too many trials and tribulations: newness and variety in trying a new restaurant, rather than having to face the fearsome Baba Yaga :D

From the song, the sentence' "If you're brave enough to dance, you're brave enough to fly" also reminds me that I want to schedule another indoor skydive :)

I am grateful for the enthusiasm to try new things.

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