Monday, 25 June 2012

Foxy Lady

Here, in this third comparative draw with the Twilight Realm (Schiffer, 2007) and the Faerie Tarot (U.S. Games, 2007), we meet the warm and passionate Queen of Wands. 

The Twilight Realm’s Queen of Wands faces us calmly, her red hair shining in the light of the wand held to her right.  On her left arm, a crow or raven (help me out here, folks) sits, glancing back at us over its shoulder.  Her shirt is a red-brown colour that echoes her hair tone, while she wears a green cape or shawl draped over it.  A grounded passion that moves her to action, bringing growth and life.  The black bird suggests a connection with the divine, receiving messages from spirit, and getting perspective.  It is through these that she becomes clear about her purpose, channeling her energy creatively.

As for the Faerie Tarot’s version, she is rather more foxy!  She wears a green, sleeveless dress with paler green trim and a belt to highlight her narrow waist.  She has a blue cape falling alluringly off one shoulder, and behind her are faery wings dotted with red, and red flowers adorning her hair.  To her right walks a red fox, with a jaunty white-tipped tail with a black stripe.  Her long hair flows around her, a subtle warm shade of red-brown.  The trees in the background are leafless and brown, yet to her left is a wand bearing green leaves and red fruit - close to her, new life blossoms.

To me, the Faerie rendition implies greater sensuality, and perhaps a native cunning, rather than a more spiritual bent.  Still, in both cards there is the emphasis on life and new growth.  I like the fact that both have the Queen accompanied by an animal guide - after all, one of the strongest qualities of faeries is their connection to nature.

I'm feeling back to my regular, sunny self again today - hurrah!  This morning my Dear One and I are going to Big Boy's bi-annual school review, so I shall try to be calm and purposeful, as well creative in responding to the suggestions of the professionals involved in his care.

I am grateful for practical focus.


  1. It's a crow I think? They are knowing but fun :)

    1. Thanks, Cheryl :) I like that, "knowing but fun"!