Friday, 29 June 2012

Glide or Splash

©Beth Wilder
For this last day comparing the Twilight Realm (Schiffer, 2007) and the Faerie Tarot (U.S. Games, 2007), another Swords card takes its turn.  The Six of Swords is generally one of the less troublesome ones, let’s see if that holds true here.

In the Twilight Realm, a woman sits in a boat that seems to glide of its own accord across the still waters.  She sits with one hand on the side of the boat, and her right resting on the hilt of a sword that is point down in front of her.  It almost looks as though she is using it to steer by, as she moves smoothly away from a jagged coastline littered with swords.  On the opposite side of the water are more jagged peaks, but with green light shining from them, suggesting life-giving truths.  The woman, however, appears to be sailing away into the open water between these two shores, out into the unknown where the waters are calm but dark.  Stars shine brightly in the sky, and the woman seems calm and determined, clear and focused.

My sense is one of leaving behind ideas that no longer serve us, or communications that do not feel helpful.  Taking with us a single, guiding focus, we can move towards something better.  What it is may not yet be clear, but we trust in the guidance of the universe to take us safely where we need to go.

©Nathalie Hertz
The Faerie Tarot feels a little less clear, it must be said.  Two figures (a man and a woman?) sit in a green boat with a strange raised section at the back which may act as a shelter from the worst of the weather.  They leave behind a cold and snowy landscape, but their journey looks like it’s starting to get bumpy.  The figure with its back to us wears royal purple and a gold circlet around his brow, while the woman wears an orange dress with a red collar and a red pattern of seven-pointed faery stars.  She has small, golden wings, a blue stone held by a black cord at the top of her forehead, and purple pom-poms in her long, golden hair. The six swords of the title hang in the air around them.

Based on the colours, green for new growth and regeneration, orange for sexuality and status, and purple for wisdom, they are making a new start, trying to prove themselves.  However, it feels like they have neither left old ideas behind, nor incorporated them enough to use them for their journey.  Perhaps that is why the waters around them are turning choppy - too many unprocessed thoughts.  Or perhaps the swords represent messages from other people flying around, muddying the waters (to twist the metaphor slightly). 

This card makes me think that we need to be clear on what to take with us and what to leave behind when embarking on a new start.  Otherwise, we may run into trouble once we are already too far to turn back.  Our desire to move forward must be supported by the wisdom to understand the past but also look to the future.

As for me, I hope this card bodes well for me moving on today.  I just need to finish my last essay, and then that's it, studies over (at least for the moment).  Although this isn't a card of creativity, perhaps I can use ideas from the past to move me forward...

I am grateful that this is the last essay I ever have to write, though I may choose to write more.

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