Saturday, 30 June 2012

The God of Fire

©Nozedar & Sutton
The ever thoughtful and generous Alison Cross, after writing an interesting and useful post on the unusual Court cards in the Secret Language of Birds (SLB) Tarot (Schiffer, 2012), was kind enough to send me the deck to feed my addiction ;D Thank you, Ali!

It took me a while to decide which deck to pair it with.  I wanted something in some way related, like an animal deck, but preferred not to use a deck I'd blogged with before.  Then I thought the fact of having semi-illustrated pips is a major feature in choosing an appropriate match, as is the fact that the Courts are Queen, King, God and Goddess.  And so I finally landed on the Haindl Tarot (U.S. Games, 1990).  It's not a deck I've gotten on with much before, but I notice that I'm changing in my appreciation of, and how I read, decks.  Time to give it a go...

For this first daily draw, I pulled XIII Bastoni, or the God of Wands in the Secret Language of Birds, traditionally the King of Wands, and in the Haindl the Father of Wands in the East (Haindl states his Courts are ordered Son, Daughter, Father, Mother).  Despite the familial names, all Haindl's Courts are associated with deities (another reason these decks seemed a good match), and here we see Brahma.

The SLB God of Wands is handsome and young, looking up at the stars as he embraces a Hindu firebird, the Gandaberunda.  Flames shoot up behind him limning his crown in burning red, indicating his "passion, inspiration and spiritual knowledge".  I also see in this card an ability to reinvent yourself: to look to the stars for guidance and then move towards your dreams.

©Hermann Haindl
Haindl's Brahma sits in front of a fire.  He has four faces that blend into one another, with five eyes, four noses and four mouths.  He also has four hands, one holding a parchment, another a censor, a third holds a wand in the flames before him, and the last is in a prayer mudra.  He wears a white loin cloth and a golden cape, as well as an enormous crown.

For me, this card speaks more of wisdom and authority than the SLB God.  Still, the emphasis on spiritual connection is still clearly there: all he does is related to the gods, and reminds me that the Hindu Brahmin class are the priests of society.

Taking time to connect to the divine, in whatever form that takes for you, is the message of the day, then.  For me, this is an encouragement to meditate, but also to enjoy being outside in nature.  Although I will spend a good part of the day outside, I'm not sure how much I'll be focused on nature, as we are having a picnic today with about fifteen people, and lots of kids! 

I am grateful for the many ways to feel divinely alive.


  1. Hope you had a lovely picnic. It sounds like quite an adventure! Definitely need some authoritative wands energy to get that thing going, I reckon.

    Does your husband figure into this since he is the King of Wands?

    I hope you have a nice one,

  2. Hi MM,

    We did have a gorgeous picnic! We were lucky with the weather - it rained a bit in the morning, but by afternoon I actually got a bit sunburned. Big Boy had a wonderful time climbing trees and playing football and frisbee. Good food, good friends, it was divine ;)

    Hope you had a good weekend, too.
    Hugs hugs,