Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Goddess Power Pack Review

This week, I review another of my Goddess decks.  Yep, there're still a fair few to go ;)  This time, it's the Goddess Power Pack (Godsfield, 2005) that gets it's turn.  A 30 card deck aimed at the teen/young adult market, it's actually pretty good.  The companion book contains a lot of information under all the "cool" speak, and the cards are beautiful and packed with relevant symbolism.  Click here to see the full review!


  1. Oh I loved this deck! I am so sad I lost it in moving! I will really enjoy watching you read with it this week :)

    1. Hi Krysten,

      Losing a deck would totally suck! I'm not actually planning to read with it this week, I'm just gradually trying to review all my Goddess decks. But, now you've said it, I'll think about it for the week after ;)