Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Going Loony

©Beth Wilder
Today, the Twilight Realm (Schiffer, 2007) and the Faerie Tarot (U.S. Games, 2007) offer us the opportunity to get moonstruck ;)

In the Twilight Realm, two ethereal, grey, female figures peer up at the moon from inside grey veils.  They are surrounded, almost enveloped, by verdant leaves, and one of them has some white flowers with her inside the veil.  On the one hand, the veils seem almost as though they could be made of the women’s own hair, while on the other they seem rather like cobwebs - insubstantial, yet effective to trap the one caught by them.  The moon which shines down on them is full, but with three dark shadows like a screaming face. 

Overall, the effect is one of being trapped in a somewhat nightmarish situation.  It makes me think of being stuck in a dream, unable to get out, lacking control, and with nothing as it seems or as it should be.

©Nathalie Hertz
The Faerie Tarot’s depiction couldn’t be more different.  A smiling moon looks down from a purple-tinged sky on a calm lake.  The lake is bordered by verdant banks with friendly yellow flowers gaily waving their heads.  The light of the moon forms a clear path across the water.  I like that there are more moons, both waxing, waning, happy and sad, around the card’s border: it gives the sense of cycles and change.

My feeling with this card is one of deep emotions, but that our dreams can give us a path to navigate those emotions.  Things may take time, we may not always be happy, but overall there is a feeling of purpose and hope here.

I've been having quite strange dreams, lately.  I can't say exactly what they were about, as I am almost always woken by Big Boy, so I never have the chance to write them down when I first get up.  One last night included my stepmother in a wheel chair (which she isn't), which reminded me I need to contact her...

I am grateful for the wisdom of dreams, both big and small.


  1. Going Loony. :) I had to come by and see what this was about. Ah, the moon and all its wonderful mystery, deceptions, and overwhelming emotions.

    Enjoyed your post,

    1. Hi Cher,

      Thanks, glad to see you drop by :) Yeah, I've been feeling a bit loony today - my little one is getting ill again :( Ah well, the joys of motherhood...

      Hope you're well,