Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Gruesome Devil

Today's card from the Zombie Apocalypse TaROT (Joe Frost, 2012) is a particularly gruesome one!

This Devil is very dark and fearsome, representing more the terrors that control us than materialism or consumerism.  There is little of the temptation of sensuality or the joy in giving in to being "bad" to be found here.  Instead, it truly is the shadow side, the things we fear and cannot admit, even to ourselves, that I see in is card.

I hope that nothing to horrible will bubble up for me today, and that instead this represents the more familiar "demons" of chocoholism, or even Facebook addiction ;D  Of course, the other might lead to greater personal growth...

I am grateful that some of my demons are known and no longer terrifying.


  1. What a very cool deck! Clearly not for everyone, but it may be for me. I still have to watch your vlog reviewing it. I'm a bit leary of it because you said not all of the images really capture the essence of the card's meanings. That would be far more disturbing for me than any of the images lol

    1. Hi Krysten,
      I'll be interested to hear what you think after checking out the review. For me, I think it'll stay in the novelty deck section of my collection.

  2. Yeah. I am not for this deck. It is too grotesque for me. Also some of the cards completely miss the mark for me. I don't do visually disturbing--honestly, Patrick Valenza's Deviant Moon is almost too much for me. Bring on the bunnies and unicorns!

    1. Hi Arwen,
      I know what you mean, though it's a shame none of the seriously funny cards have come up so far this week - the King of Pentacles as an Elvis Zombie is probably my favourite ;D