Friday, 15 June 2012

Harsh Justice

Good dental hygiene is not a notable feature of Zombies, at least according to the Zombie Apocalypse TaROT (Joe Frost, 2012).  Why one of the hardest parts of our body should degrade faster than skin or muscle is anyone's guess, or perhaps just because it's easier to fake bad teeth than muscle detaching from bone...

In any case, today's gentleman represents Justice, or perhaps the reverse side of it.  Wearing an orange, prison-style jumpsuit, he seems to have landed on the wrong side of the law.  Was he innocent and does he blame his lawyer?  Is that whose brain he would first like to suck? 

For me, this card is often more about weighing up our own actions, looking for the fairest course of action for all involved, and admitting if we need to make changes, rather than those things necessarily being imposed from the outside.  Of course, it can also represent being involved in some kind of legal turmoil, but for most people that is, fortunately, not a frequent occurrence.

Today, I may act as moderator between two family members.  That can be a tricky line to walk, trying to see both sides, and keep my own prejudices out of things.  I wonder if I have been as balanced as I should be...

I am grateful for the opportunity to consider my own actions and those of others.

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  1. I hope all went well in the meeting, and I like this deck more and more with each card you post!