Saturday, 2 June 2012


©Martien & Teressena Bakens
This week, I will be drawing from the Fifth Tarot (Blue Dolphin, 2010).  This is a deck with an extra suit to represent ether, and named "Lotus", bringing the card count up to 92.  When I first saw it, I wasn't sure.  It's a very non-traditional deck, created by an intuitive visionary artist.  I also wasn't convinced of the need for a fifth suit - after all, aren't the Majors to do with spirit?  Still, when a fellow TABI member put her copy up for sale, I decided to offer it a good home ;)  And I like it far better than I expected to.  Perhaps because I am more open to non-traditional decks these days...

For this first draw, we actually get a card that came up in the video reading I did with the deck yesterday.  The Five of Feathers (Swords) is subtitled "Joy": indicating just how far this deck strays from traditional RWS interpretations!  I notice the way the birds mirror each other.  Part of what brings us joy is to feel we are validated by others, which we often feel when we are mirrored by them.  This can be at a postural, physical level, or at a deeper level when someone really "gets" us, reflecting our self back to us as we perceive it.

I also notice the movement of the inner purple shape, with feathers drifting out from it.  Purple is the colour of spirit, and green the colour of growth and life.  This pentagram shape makes me think of the course of atoms, of the ever-moving flow of life, and how finding a calm centre within ourselves from which to navigate this flow is the goal of meditation.  Rather like the way hummingbirds beat their wings incredibly fast, just to hover as though motionless.

As for me, with my verbatim finally behind me I can focus on things that feel more soulful - on meditating, playing with Big Boy, spending time with my Dear One, and catching up on blog reading :)

I am grateful for all the people in my life, both near and far, with whom I can share parts of my soul.

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