Sunday, 3 June 2012

Initiate of Stones

The Fifth Tarot (Blue Dolphin, 2010) doesn't just add in a fifth suit to the tarot.  It also renames all the Courts, which become Seeker,  Initiate, Apprentice and Elementor.  This card, the Initiate of Stones, would be equivalent to the Knight of Pentacles. 

A monk-like figure sits in a cave, with stalagtites and stalagmites all around.  He sits as though meditating and seems to glow from within.  What I see here is someone who can draw on the wisdom of the ages, and who is whole unto themselves.  Also, perhaps, a recommendation to spend some time in meditation, or at least in some activity that makes us feel connected and calm.  I can see here, too, a suggestion to spend time getting to know the element of earth - a long walk in the countryside, doing some gardening, meditating with stones in your palms.

As an initiate, this person knows they are comfortable with the energy of the element of earth, with being grounded and practical, with connecting with mother earth.  The initiate is still close close to the beginning of his journey, still needs to practice such skills as meditation, and does so with a good deal of enthusiasm.  Yet, he is far calmer than Initiates of the other elements (other than ether).  It takes a good deal of energy to get him in motion, but once he does move, he'll keep going!

I shall take the recommendation to spend some time meditating today, and perhaps not just meditate with stones in my palms, but meditate on being a tree, feeling my roots burrowing into the earth :)  Other than that, it's time to be practical given it's Sunday and Big Boy is home all day.

I am grateful for some time for me, to meditate and find some inner calm.

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