Saturday, 16 June 2012

Left By The Wayside

This week I have decided to do something a little different.  Having recently received the beautiful Gilded Tarot Royale, Ciro Marchetti's self-published re-working of his much acclaimed first deck, the Gilded Tarot (Llewellyn, 2004) I thought it would be interesting to do a daily draw with the Royale, and compare it with it's older sister deck.

First up is the Seven of Wands.  A man stands, as though protecting the doorway behind him.  The doorway is open with just a trellis in the top quarter, and radiant sunlight shines from it. Above, through the trellis, blue sky can be seen, and the near pillars are decorated with flower symbols, while the far pillars sport a diamond pattern.  In front of the man are six raised wands, the last of the seven being clasped by him in both hands.  His costume looks very renaissance, with purple tights, a billowy red shirt, and an over tunic in blue green and purple.  He also sports a purple-brimmed, red floppy hat.

As with traditional versions of this card, there is a sense of defensiveness, yet it is also true that we see no attackers, just the wands.  So, this can represent self-doubt or feeling defensive about projects we aren't currently taking care of.

©Ciro Marchetti
Comparing this card with the original Gilded Tarot, the main difference that strikes me is the fact that there is a partially open door inviting us through, rather than an open doorway bright with sunshine.  The Royale gives me a more spiritual sense - defending one's sense of self, as the sun is sometimes equated with our own inner light.  There is also a greater sense of perspective and depth in the Royale, the idea of an inner sanctum leading to the open doorway.  This gives greater three-dimensionality to the card, as well as reinforcing the idea of the gateway leading somewhere special, rather than just to a balcony, as seen in the original Gilded.

It's interesting, I'm not sure I have ever thought of this card as feeling defensive about projects left uncared for before.  Of course, the association of wands with projects is one I've always known, but I've always tended to see this card as feeling defensive, though the attacks may be more in your head than external.  That can still be the case with this interpretation: it is me who is attacking myself for not staying on top of all the projects I have taken on. 

This is a busy week for me, with a business trip and the next Tarot Blog Hop, which I've been wrangling.  I've also been writing another (fourth) blog, which I'm really enjoying, too. In fact, I wish I had more time for my blogs, and that may be part of what I see in this card.  I haven't spent as much time on them as I would like. My yoga blog, in particular, has been getting no love for the last two months.  Not because I don't have ideas for posts, but because if it's a choice between a tarot post or a yoga post, the tarot post wins most times.  And also because I still really dedicate the same amount of time to "me". So, I've been spending less time on exercising so I can have more time for meditating and my fourth blog (which is more spiritual).

I am grateful for the reminder that I deserve "me" time.


  1. Wow. Same card but so different. I see the second one as far more "try it and see" and the first one as "you must pass me but I'm here to challenge you not destroy you."

    I'd love to see yoga/tarot posts. Like...what position would the 7 of Swords be? :D

    1. Hi Arwen,

      I like your take on the difference between the two - all in the attitude :)

      I did a few of those yoga meets tarot posts a few years back. The problem is that there really isn't an easy crossover. For example, 7 of Swords as either deceit/thievery or research, neither of which is really a yogic concept. You can't really deceive yourself or anyone else with a yoga pose, and while you could do research into yogic writings, like comparing different versions of Patanjali's sutras, that's not got anything to do with poses...


  2. love the idea of daily draws comparing the two versions :D

    1. Hi Bonkers,

      Been loving hearing about your exploits abroad! It's fun writing these comparative posts, but a fair bit more work... :)