Thursday, 7 June 2012


©Martien & Teressena Bakens
The Fifth Tarot (Blue Dolphin, 2010) offers a very different depiction of Strength.

A woman sits cross-legged, meditating.  She is attuned to all the elements - a conch shell (water) by her right knee, and hawk feather (air) in her right hand, a stone (earth) by her left knee, and a thunderbolt (fire) in her left hand.  Two lemniscates, symbols of infinity and of healing, intersect around her.  One is centred on her belly, her womb, from which she draws her strength and creativity.  The other rises up from her crown chakra, signified by the lotus blossoming above the top of her head.  In the waters in front of her, a baby floats, linked to both lemniscates.  Her calm decisions birth new projects and ideas, bring them into manifestation, in a way that draws on the Source, and then transmutes that energy through her own inner power.

I love the way this card implies inner strength as coming from our centre but aligned with spirit, and her absolute calm and control.  From a place of strength, anything becomes possible.

What this brings up for me today is the fact that we need direction in order to be able to decide and create.  Without that, all the strength in the world will get you nowhere.  And right now, I'm not sure how centred or decisive I am.  Better get meditating and clarify what it is I want, then, so I can go about putting it in motion!

I am grateful for the push to clarify my true desires.

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