Monday, 4 June 2012

Magical Landscape

The Fifth Tarot (Blue Dolphin, 2010) offers us a card from the Major Arcana today.

I love the way, with several of the Majors, we get a sense of the character being a part of the landscape.  Here, for example, with the Magician, his cloak is both a starry sky (air) and also the edge over which a waterfall pours (water).  His left arm, which holds a crystal-ball-topped wand (fire), seems to blend with the cliff face (earth), or with the wand itself.  His beard is just another flow to match the lava flowing from the volcano (fire), and the waterfall.  Smoke also rises from the volcano, adding some more of the air element to the card, and he holds a shining cup (water) with hebrew letters engraved on it.  To his side a raven sits, curved beak arcing towards him, as though ready to whisper secrets in his ear.  Altogether, he has a real Merlin/Gandalph vibe going on ;D  Certainly, I imagine him connected to all the elements, able to manifest his will, and with a far-sightedness and wisdom that make him much respected.

Tonight is the full moon, and I shall be doing a little magic of my own - nothing Gandalph-esque, just trying to get my head in a better place.

I am grateful for delicious fruit and the ability to relax.


  1. What an amazing Magician, would easily have fitted in with my 'fave cards' theme if I had the deck :-D so thanks for sharing. This is one I will look out for and grab if I find it!

    1. Hi Jeanette,
      I have to admit, I'm wondering why I resisted this deck for a year and a half! :)