Friday, 22 June 2012

Masquerade Ball

For this last draw comparing the Gilded Tarot (Llewellyn, 2004) and the Gilded Tarot Royale (Ciro Marchetti, 2012), we have a great card for a Friday :)

On both cards, three woman strut their stuff above three cups.  The top two cups pour their contents into the third, which overflows into the endless body of water around it.  As for the women, they seem almost ecstatic.

The Royale shows the women in red, blue and orange, each with matching ribbons flowing out around her, a matching mask-cum-headdress, and matching ballet shoes.  Sparkling trails highlight the flow of their movements, which seem balletic: legs held high; arms out flung; full of energy, but also a feeling of precision.  They could be a troupe practising for a performance: enjoying the dance, the emotions depicted, but still with control, with awareness.

I can well imagine interpreting this card as being about emotional support from a group of work colleagues, or people who share a common interest.  There's fun to be had, but it doesn't feel debauched or wild.

©Ciro Marchetti
The Gilded, on the other hand, shows the women in green, red and blue dresses, and both green and red ribbons float around all three of them.  Their faces are uncovered, and their feet are bare.  Sparkles twinkle around one hand of each of the three, and they are closer together, dancing in a single space, rather than each taking up her own area.  This has more of a party feel to it: less planned; more spontaneous; with the magic that comes from being completely in the moment!

This definitely feels like a great Friday night out with friends, of the kind I haven't had in a long time!  Would I still enjoy that kind of party?  Maybe it would depend on the company :)

The Royale feels closer to my experience of socialising these days - a lot of fun, supportive and interesting.  Today, this could be my mother coming to visit - we share a lot of common interests, as well as being family.  Conversation with her is always stimulating, but it's not a party.

I am grateful for the reminder of what it's like to party like there's no tomorrow.

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