Tuesday, 19 June 2012


For this fourth comparative draw with the original Gilded Tarot (Llewellyn, 2004) and the Royale (Ciro Marchetti, 2012), another Wands card comes to call.

In the Royale, a man stands on a brick pier, looking out at a ship riding the calm waters in front of him.  Above, two seagulls fly, while a third sits to his left, and a rat scurries past his right foot.  He wears a green cape with purple trim and a gold embroidered pattern above the hem, coupled with a purple hat.  The sky above the ship also glows purple in the twilight. 

This card is often seen as one where effort has been made in a project, and now things are in motion, but perhaps not quite so under our control as they were at the outset.

Other than much greater detail in the man's clothing, and less ornateness in both the ship and the wands, the two things that most strike me between the original and the Royale versions of this card are the animals close to the man and the more constructed nature of his environment. 

Having one (exquisitely detailed) seagull by his side, suggests something around keeping an eye on your projects, even after you have sent them out into the world.  Keeping tabs on things, rather than passively waiting... 

The rat makes me think about the small details that can bring a project down, gnawed to destruction from the inside or through "minor" issues.  Similarly, there is the saying, "Like rats leaving a sinking ship".  These creatures have a strong survival instinct, so the rat being on land, rather than on the boat, may not bode well for the project - it all depends on what catches our eye in a given reading.  

Finally, the man-made environment suggests a rather more professional approach to a project, with good infra-structures or support.

Today, I head off on another business trip - it feels like they've been coming thick and fast this year!  Perhaps because of the troubled times, I'm having to travel more.  And so, it is not me watching a project set sail, but rather moving myself, still for business reasons, that I see here today.  The purple of the far horizon suggests wisdom, and I hope there'll be some of that to be gained from this trip...

I am grateful that these trips don't take too long or come too often.

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