Monday, 11 June 2012

Queen of Pentacles?

Today, the Zombie Apocalypse TaROT (Joe Frost, 2012) offers us a Court card to ponder: the Queen of Pentacles.

In my review of this deck, I mentioned that few of the cards have obvious suit elements in them, a fact explained by the deck being a montage of community commons photos around the Zombie theme.  However, it does mean that sometimes the cards aren't very obvious in their attributions - one zombie dude can look a lot like another zombie dude.  Certainly, that's a problem that I see with today's card. 

A zombie woman stands with flowers in her windswept hair.  A line of blood drips down from her mouth and over her chest.  Her eyes look directly at us, but glazed as though she doesn't see us.  Behind her we can make out parked cars, and what may be the beach.  The flowers and the sea make me think of the Queen of Cups, while the windswept hair and high up vantage point could suggest the Queen of Swords, but I see nothing of the Queen of Pentacles here.  

Nothing suggests being grounded, or focused on the material, or a family maker, or entrepreneurial, or any of the other things I associate with the Queen of Pentacles, but perhaps someone else will see something I don't....

Certainly, I plan to spend some quality time with Big Boy.  And I have a fair few practical things to do or organise today, after a weekend away, and a bit of tidying, too :(  Still, there will also be time to socialise with a friend at college, and to learn something in supervision.

I am grateful for a varied day.


  1. Happy birthday, Chloë!!

    Wow. This deck gives me the heebee jeebies (kinda). Haha. Yeah, sometimes theme decks don't really give information that you'd automatically connect to the traditional cards. That sort of makes you have to look at it differently, which is sometimes helpful but sometimes not.

    Hugs to you, m'dear.

    1. Thanks, MM, just catching up now as my birthday was busy (in a good way) :) Yeah, this deck is not for the squeamish, that's for sure. Some of the cards are really fun, some are clever, but a few don't really work for me. Still, always interesting to think about why they don't work, right?

      Hope you had a great weekend, and are looking forward to a more relaxing week!

  2. I agree with Magic Mentha -- themed decks have this problem in general -- yet I love them still. LOL

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Hi Zanna, some themed decks are great as tarots - Barbara Moore's Steampunk Tarot being a case in point. I guess in part it depends on how much control the tarot-minded creator has over the images - this deck was created from commons images, so very little control.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, and have a great week!