Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Having had a Court card and a Major, today the Fifth Tarot (Blue Dolphin, 2010) shows us a Minor.

The Three of Fire (Wands) is titled Spontaneity.  Although overall the deck is quite non-traditional, I think it is possible to compare the images of the four normal suits to their counterparts.  Certainly, here I see a similar sense of reaching out into the world as that found in the RWS-type decks. 

The plant shown is a fire bush, with thorns that are barely hidden.  These add a prickle that wakes us up, bringing our spontaneity forth.  I really like the rolling countryside, golden with corn, which gives a feeling of growth and abundance to be harvested, matching well with traditional symbolism.  There's also something here for me about reaching for life, making the most of it...

I'm a morning person, always have been, and find it hard to go back to bed.  In fact, until Big Boy came along I was incapable of napping.  However, four and a half years of broken sleep mean I can normally manage a nap.  And without one I won't be able to make the most of the day.  So, though it feels counterintuitive to me, enjoying the day to the full means sleeping through a part of it!

I am grateful for the wisdom to know when to sleep (not that I always have it, but I'd like to).


  1. very nice card. and yes, naps can be wonderful.

  2. Hi Bonkers,
    I never used to appreciate naps, but I sure do now ;) Hope you managed to nap on the plane!