Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Another card from the Major Arcana of the Fifth Tarot (Blue Dolphin, 2010) graces us with its presence today.

Here we have the Universe (World) card, with a radiant spirit rising up from the centre of a ring of ten standing stones, holding a shimmering sphere.  Around the figure is a golden glow, shading into sunrise colours.  The stone circle is ringed with grass, and then with crystal formations on one side, and bushes and hills on the other.  I can certainly see the ideas of completion, perfection, endings and beginnings, and deep spirituality here.  The ten standing stones represent the wisdom of ages, as well as being the number of endings and completion.  The crystals represent vibrating at a higher frequency, as well as healing.  And the angel-winged figure in the centre dances with the light of the Universe.

The Majors in this deck also have glyphs in the four corners.  Top right is a planetary or astrological sign (here Saturn), top left a star symbol (Future Sight), bottom left a Mayan glyph (Cosmos) and bottom right a symbol of MU (Universe).  Descriptions and explanations of these are given in the appendices of the companion book.

I'm not sure I feel as radiant as this being today.  Nevertheless, I'm hoping for a pretty good day.  Some meditation and exercise, finishing up a couple of projects, and Big Boy going horseriding are all on the cards :)  Although the weather is rotten, these plans bring light to my spirit.

I am grateful for hopeful plans.

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