Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Winged Blindfold

Interesting, we've had mainly pips, and lots of small numbers at that, so far this week.  That continues today, with the Two of Swords from the Gilded Tarot(Llewellyn, 2004) and her younger (and prettier? What do you think?) sister, the Gilded Tarot Royale (Ciro Marchetti, 2012).

In the Royale, a woman's face emerges from clouds above a bright, full moon over which two swords cross.  Two feathered wings cover her eyes like a blindfold, joined at the third eye by a blue, diamond-shaped jewel and two smaller stones.  The sky around her is tinged with purple, and even her hair and skin tone seem to reflect it.

The feathered blindfold reminds me of Maat weighing up people's hearts against a feather, suggesting karmic justice.  The fact that the blindfold is connected with a blue stone at the third eye point speaks of seeing with truthful clarity that pierces the superficial, perceiving through psychic vision.  The moon emphasises this connection with the deeper flow of reality and with psychic understanding.  The purple tone of the card suggests that this way lies wisdom.

The main message, then, might be one of taking time to assess the situation from all angles, looking beyond the obvious, before trying to make a decision.

Comparing this with the original Gilded, what first strikes me is the change in the blindfold.  In this version, it is a glowing golden band that seems to float in a ring around her head.  While I think this was attempting the same sense of deep illumination as the more modern version, what it often makes me think of is 1980's disco dress and music videos (but maybe that's just me).  In that sense, I often have quite a lively soundtrack going on when I get this card ;)

The moon is less obvious in this version, not being picked out with reflected light at the top as in the Royale.  Also, the overall tinge of the card is turquoise, more suggestive of healing than of wisdom.  Here, then, I get the message that time is needed to heal before a decision can be made.

For me, the Royale's message feels more relevant today.  I have several business meetings to attend, based on which I need to make some investment recommendations.  Tough choices in these hard times.  So, I shall try to look beyond the posturing and the numbers, and sense the emotions of the main players...

I am grateful not to be alone in these decisions.


  1. i really like the changes he made to this card. your comparison of em is lovely/relevant. good luck with the meetings!

    1. Hi Bonkers,

      I have to say, I think I like most of the changes he made, except maybe to two of the Majors :) Glad you enjoyed the comparison. As for the meetings, they went better than expected! Hope you're still enjoying your travels, must pop over and check... :)