Monday, 23 July 2012

Blessed Success

©Hilton & Star
Today's offerings from the Unicorn Tarot (U.S. Games, 1996) and the Unicorn Cards (Findhorn Press, 2008) are the Six of Rods (Wands) and "Blessings".

This Six of Rods is quite an unusual take on the card.  A young figure with long, reddish-brown hair sits astride a unicorn.  The two are on a cliff ledge, looking across at a castle or fortified town.  The whole landscape seems obscured by a cloud of red sand, with little definition or clarity.  Still, our young warrior seems ready to take on the castle with nothing more than the unicorn and six rods.

There is little sense here of a victory already won.  Rather, this image has a castles-in-the-sky feel to it.  Whether we can conquer them has yet to be shown.  Still, if a can-do attitude is the most important thing we can bring to life to ensure our success, then this card has that in spades :)

©Diana Cooper
In the Unicorn Card we have a farmer surrounded by a number of animals, with a unicorn behind, and heart-shaped clouds floating in the sky.  Two duck parents herd their two offspring along, chatting and flapping as they go.  A cat sits cleaning itself, seemingly oblivious to the dog barely a metre away, who in turn looks up enthusiastically at the farmer.  As for the man, he seems to be counting his animals - does he see each one as a blessing?  Certainly, if he looks after them, the animals should multiply, fitting with the card's sentence...

What I see as the blessing here is having a home where you are welcome and loved, with family and friends, and maybe a touch of magic :)

Together, the two cards suggest that perhaps we should stop looking at castles in the sky, and acknowledge the successes we have already achieved, though they may be less dramatic.  Or else, they could be taken as saying that if we have a strong foundation, we have a better chance of achieving those other goals.  Take your pick ;D

As for me, I count my blessings today both in terms of my Dear One and Big Boy, and in terms of having a little time away from them.  I'm off again for work, for just under 48 hours.  On the one hand, it hopefully means a couple of uninterrupted night's sleep.  On the other hand, I already miss them.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

I am grateful for time away that encourages me to value what I leave behind.

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