Sunday, 29 July 2012


©Virginijus Poshkus
For this second day with the Radiant Rider Waite (U.S. Games, 2003) and the Tarot of the New Vision (Lo Scarabeo, 2003), I drew a Major - Judgement.

In the Radiant version, an angel with purple and red wings blows on a trumpet.  Roused by his call, families rise up from their watery graves, their blue bodies contrasting starkly with their blond hair.  The mountains in the background are snow-capped, adding to the sense of cold, but also speaking of higher truths for which we can strive. 

This is clearly an "end of days" scenario, but what it brings to mind for me is the idea of leaving behind old ways of behaving, old patterns, habits and ways of life.  We hear a calling, a trumpet bugling to wake us up and guide us towards something new.

The Tarot of the New Vision shows us the same scene, but looking from behind the angel.  His wings only show red, and the tufts of his hair look very flame-like.  This trumpeting wakes us up, burns away the old, and fills us with new enthusiasm, a new sense of purpose - all traits linked to the element of fire.  The people in this image rise up looking far more natural - tan skin and brown hair. 

©Cestaro & Alligo
Behind them now we see birds - white birds rising into the sky, black birds plunging down towards the water.  Perhaps they are being purified by the water, to rise anew.  Or, moving away from Christian iconography and ideas of black being bad, perhaps the black birds carry messages down to the earth, while the white birds carry them up to the heavens.  Some of us need messages that will ground us, while others may need messages that turn our eyes away from the mundane...

Although the family rises up as one, I wonder whether each person hears something different in the call.  Their expressions and body posture suggests that might be the case.  The man cranes his head up at an uncomfortable-looking angle, hands pulled in close to his chest.  The woman gazes more gently upward, with her arms held straight out in front of her, and the child has hir arms spread wide, mouth open as though cheering.  Some of us may find it uncomfortable to contemplate changing our circumstances, unsure whether we wish to heed the call we hear.  Others may welcome it, but feel in need of help to achieve such changes, whether big or small.  Finally, if we can look on things with child-like innocence and joy, we may welcome the chance for a new beginning, excited by the prospect of an adventure into the unknown.

Today, I hear Sheryl Crow's voice singing A Change Would Do You Good :)

Unfortunately, the biggest change today seems to be in the weather, which is cooling down and threatening rain again: so much for our summer, which lasted less than a week :( 

I also hear a call to change my view of sweet foods.  On Friday night at the party I ate a couple of chocolate brownies (and very delicious they were, too).  However, yesterday I had an ocular migraine (not painful like a regular migraine, but my vision goes blurry, and can even disappear entirely).  I only found out recently what this phenomenon was, though I've been having these episodes for at least twenty years.  Reading up on it, they can be triggered by chocolate!  So, another good reason not to eat it, and I resisted yesterday though the pull was strong.  Changing habits doesn't necessarily happen overnight, but I am hearing a strong message that this really isn't good for me, enough already!  The more reasons I have not to eat sweets, the more ammunition I have to help myself stop.

I am grateful for a call to change my eating habits.


  1. I like your choice of decks. I don't have the Radiant Rider Waite (have the Universal Waite)but do have Tarot of the New Vision. Always interesting to see a "normal" card from a new perspective. I think with Judgement (Pluto) there is a transformation going on in these cards. Exactly what would depend on who, what, where etc.

    As for your changing your habits with the sweets, I do believe the sign couldn't have been louder. Eat some brownies, get an ocular migraine. In my experience, it takes time and determination to change a habit and of course the wanting to do it. I no longer eat sweets and almost gag if something is sweetened normally. I enjoy a tiny square of organic 90% cocoa chocolate with a cup of mint tea after my evening meal. So not sweet but oh so good.

    Change is so hard .... we do resist don't we.

    1. Hi Carol,

      You're right, the new perspective of the Tarot of the New Vision is always stimulating. And change is definitely tough! Congratulations on retraining your pallet - I thought I'd managed it last year, then slipped again. Ah well, every day is a new opportunity... :)

  2. Oh, i've been getting ocular migraines for just over ten years now. Off and on they're followed by a really bad headache. And yes, I've noticed the connection between those and chocolate too... However, I've also noticed a connection with hormonal fluctuations. Pay attention to where in your cycle the migraines are triggered and you may find a pattern. For me it's usually around the time of ovulation and again just before my period is due.

    I really like the child in the New Vision Tarot. And my heart aches for the woman who seems to be reaching out to make some sort of connection...

    Thanks for sharing, Chloe.

    Hope you have a wonderful Lammas!

    Blessings, Lisa

    1. Sorry to hear you sometimes get migraine headaches, too, Lisa! Everyone I've spoken to says that people who get a headache after the ocular bit suffer dreadfully - I consider myself so lucky that I just have the blurry vision bit. I shall certainly take your advice and note where in my cycle I am, as last year I didn't eat sweets or chocolate at all, and still had a few ocular migraines...

      Lovely take on the cards :)

      Blessings, Chloë

  3. The man's posture is exactly that adopted by charismatic Christians when receiving the Holy Ghost. So I believe he is in complete praise. The woman looks as though she is waiting for a gift or handout to fall into her arms. Or like she is afraid she doesn't have the strength to catch what is offered her. While the little kid is just JOYOUS. :D

    1. How interesting, Carla, I didn't know that position is associated with receiving the Holy Ghost. Interesting take on the woman, perhaps being afraid of what's coming. And I completely agree, that child looks delighted :D