Sunday, 8 July 2012


©Graham & Kepple
Today's card from the Zombie Tarot (Quirk Books, 2012) and the Housewives Tarot (Quirk Books, 2004) is the Hermit - a pretty good card for a Sunday, methinks :)

The Zombie version shows us a woman lying on a sofa, with a book in her hand, and a box of chocolates on the floor beside her.  She is clearly enjoying a little retreat, though Zombies are trying to force their way through the boarded up door behind her.  Still, her book is on wit, and she's clearing using her's to avoid the Zombie onslaught and carve out a little me-time amongst all the craziness of the Zombie uprising ;)

This is quite different from traditional Hermit images.  She doesn't have a perspective that looks out at the world, and though she has a light, she doesn't seem to shine it for anyone but herself.  She also doesn't seem to be retreating for particularly spiritual reasons.  Though she may be reading, the book doesn't really look serious enough to be considered studying!

©Buffum & Kepple
As for the Housewives Hermit, here too we have a woman making some time for herself after all the household chores are dealt with.  Relaxing in a bath, with plenty of soap to choose from, once again she hardly personifies your typical Hermit.

Nevertheless, a bath can be a great place for deep thought, as Archimedes showed ;)  And sometimes chill-time is vital in order for us to be open to greater insights and learning. 

As for me, I'm not sure how much me-time I'll get today.  Rather, I had a bit of this yesterday, finishing off the novel I'd been reading.  Today, on the other hand, is more about Big Boy.  Still, sometimes I can at least make some headspace - sitting together outdoors, he looks at the traffic, and I think my own thoughts.

I am grateful for the sanctity of my own mind.


  1. I like both of these decks! I don't own the Zombie one but I do have the Housewives Tarot, as you may've seen. Seeing you post with it made me want to pull it out. I may do that this afternoon. I have a bit of a headache. I wanted to lay down for a minute while Pele is distracted and watching a show.

    Lotsa hugs and hermit-like time,

  2. Hi MM,

    Yes, I remember when you got the Housewives, and that you did some fun readings with it :) Hope you managed to have a bit of a rest, and feel better.

    Healing hugs,