Sunday, 22 July 2012


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Another interesting pair today from the Unicorn Tarot (U.S. Games, 1996) and the Unicorn Cards (Findhorn Press, 2008).  The Tarot offers us the Five of Swords, while the Cards give us the "Queen of the Unicorns"!

In this particular Five of Swords, a man stands at the front of the card, a sword in either hand, and another three swords buried tip down in the snow in front of him.  In the middle ground, a unicorn stands on a snowy rise, gazing forward.  Meanwhile, in the background a couple stand arm in arm together, their free hands on their hips, also looking towards the man in the foreground.  They both wear purple capes, suggesting wisdom and an openness to spirit.  The soldier may have all the swords, yet the couple have each other, and seemingly the protection of the unicorn.

I certainly see the traditional notion of a hollow victory in this card.  What good all those swords, if you are a social pariah?  Who would feel more smug, the man who has swords, or the one who has the support of a lovely woman, and the wisdom to appreciate what he has?

©Diana Cooper
The Unicorn Card reminds us, though, that whatever side of the equation we are on, it never hurts to show compassion to a fellow being.  The Queen of the Unicorns stands, with glowing golden wings and horn, in a meadow full of flowers.  At her feet, a young child plays, guarded over by the wisdom, love and compassion of this beautiful spirit.

Perhaps, guided by the unicorn between them, the soldier will lay down his swords, his spirit purified of the need to conquer.  And maybe the couple will welcome him into their home, opening their hearts to him.

These cards remind us that it is never too late to pull back from a lose-lose situation, to turn it around into a win for all.  Each person, though, must find the wisdom to choose love and compassion, calling on their higher self to help them release greed and jealousy, envy and anger.

I've nothing much planned for today: I hope to meditate and exercise, and we intend to try going to the Heath with Big Boy.  I say try, as he's more a fan of sitting on a bench on the High Street, watching the world go by.  Perhaps is it's sunny and the park is busy he won't object, as we'd like to see some trees rather than buses and cars!  Still, having nice family time is better than having a walk with a stroppy boy, so we'll aim for the win-win :)

I am grateful for the forecast of a sunny afternoon.

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