Friday, 6 July 2012


©Nozedar & Sutton
What a roller-coaster week this has been with the Secret Language of Birds Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) and the Haindl Tarot (U.S. Games, 1990).  We started with the King of Wands and Justice, followed by the Queen of Wands, then the Five of Swords, Ace of Pentacles, Six of Cups, to end today with the Tower!

In the SLB image, a woman lies face down, perhaps asleep, perhaps not.  We see her amid hay and fruit, with a cat sleeping beside her and a crow cawing from his perch on her bottom.  In the background, through a window, we see a tower block burning, black smoke billowing up from the angry red flames.

I find the association of sleep with the Tower an interesting one.  When we wake up, it will be a new day.  And perhaps our dreams will have helped us bring a new perspective to the destruction and shock we have been through.  More negatively, it could be seen that she will be taken unawares, waking to this scene of destruction.  Still, she'll have some healthy snacks to bolster her morale, and a cat to cuddle, which always helps!

©Hermann Haindl
Synchronously, the Haindl tarot also has a tower block exploding in flames and billowing smoke!  I notice the perspective on the tower - it seems inhumanly tall, so separated from the earth and from anything else around it.  There are people flying out of the building, but they are so tiny compared to traditional depictions. 

This is a tower that allows no room for the human, for groundedness.  Although it's destruction is shocking and shattering, perhaps we can build something in its place that better represents the human spirit, that keeps us in touch with reality...

It's interesting that, despite both cards showing a modern tower block on fire, they evoke such different responses.  The first has quite a grounded, human feel to it, with the woman, animals and elements of nature in the foreground.  The second shows only the enormity of the edifice, with many different flags falling from the wreckage - a nod to the tower of Babel.  It speaks of reaching too far beyond what sits easily with the human soul.

I am feeling rather shattered today, I've been up since 3.30am :(  I shall try to go back to bed in a little while, and hope to find a renewed sense of the possibilities of life when I awake.

I am grateful for the ground beneath my feet.


  1. that second is a pretty intense tower card. love your analysis of these. and hope you manage to get some more sleep.

    1. Hi Bonkers,

      Yes, a lot of people have commented on the Haindl Tower, and the fact that it pre-dates 9/11 by quite a few years!

      And yes, I did get some more sleep. I took a supplement, 5-HTP, which seems to be natural, with no side effects, but has been helping me sleep. I keep forgetting to take it, which I think is because I don't like needing it. Might be a bit of Tower stuff going on there: changing my notion of myself as someone who doesn't take medication or need it...

      Hope things are going well with your To Do list ;D

  2. The woman with the food is very interesting. It also implies needing nourishment (rest and food) when you're feeling shattered. I hope you get all of the above--rest, nourishment, whatever you need. Sorry about you being so tired. I was up early, too, but not nearly as early as you.

    Hope you have a restful nap,

  3. Oh wait...I guess you already mentioned the part about healthy food and rest. Haha. I'm brain dead. I also need to work on my diet and sleep.


    1. Hi MM,

      I don't think I did mention healthy food and rest... Well, rest maybe. It's a good point - when something knocks us for six we may need to nurture ourselves before we can really deal with it.

      Hope you're feeling a bit less exhausted, too!