Friday, 20 July 2012


©Raffaele De Angelis
For this last day with the Dark Fairytale Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2012) and the Dark Angels Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2010), another Court card graces us with her presence: the Queen of Swords.

When I first saw the Dark Fairytale Queen, I thought her the Queen of Wands.  She has a rather wanton look, fiery red hair and a challenging gaze, none of which fall within my usual understanding of the Queen of Swords.  But the sword in her left hand and the butterflies that flit around her brook no argument: she is the Queen of Swords.

I guess the challenging gaze should not come as such a surprise.  Although I associate her with a certain level of empathy, having been through the mill herself, she is still a woman of sharp wit and discernment.  She may empathise with your pain, but she will also suggest you put your brain to use and find a solution to what ails you.

©Luca Russo
The Dark Angels Queen of Swords also defies expectations.  Were it not for the throne, she could easily be the Page/Princess of Swords!  Her youthful figure and balletic pose, gazing with curiosity at the sword she holds, do not readily speak of maturity, experience and wisdom.  She does, however, have a somewhat tragic air that fits her station.

I really like her wings, like a dark butterfly with silver highlights.  They speak to me of darkness and light balanced by inner strength.  I have the feeling that when she wields her sword, she will do so with grace, in both senses of the word: both in an elegant way, and in a way the shows her spiritual approach to life.

Today my mother comes to visit, and she is often ready with clear advice.  And perhaps I can channel this lady's energy, too, communicating clearly but with delicacy to those around me.

I am grateful for the grace to speak my truth with kindness.

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