Tuesday, 24 July 2012


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On this Tuesday, the cards we meet from the Unicorn Tarot (U.S. Games, 1996) and the Unicorn Cards (Findhorn Press, 2008) are the Six of Pentacles and Archangel Gabriel.

Once again, the Unicorn Tarot's take on this card is a little different to traditional RWS symbolism.  A young man holds out a chain of pentacles to a unicorn calf, who seems to lift up to receive it.  Or maybe they are playing at bull-fighting, with the unicorn trying to jab the pentacles... only joking ;)  It looks a rather heavy chain for the small unicorn.  Perhaps, though, it is a symbol that the unicorn is now to be treated as an adult.  Or simply a sign of just how much the young man appreciates his four-legged companion.

In terms of traditional interpretations about giving and receiving, generosity and charity, I wonder whether both parties feel they get the best part of this exchange.  The young man has the companionship and guidance of a magical unicorn, as well as the knowledge that he has been generous to another being.  The unicorn receives something beautiful and valuable, and an acknowledgement of the value of its company.

©Diana Cooper
It's curious that the Unicorn Card I drew to accompany this image also shows a unicorn wearing a chain around its neck.  In the foreground we see the Archangel Gabriel, in a silver dress and with golden wings.  Likewise, the unicorn behind her glows silver-white, and has golden wings.  There are snow-dusted mountains in the background, rolling green hills in the foreground, and a shining star just above Gabriel's raised wings and arms.  The card talks of calling in pure white light, a cleansing, healing force.

Love is that energy, that force, and we call it in when we offer it to others, as the two friends seem to in the Six of Pentacles.  We can draw on love from the Universe, from spirit, from loved ones, and even from strangers, and likewise offer it back to each in turn.  The love we feel for those close to us is often more obvious, as with the friends in the Six of Rods.  Yet sometimes it can be easy to love a stranger, as we also know less of their faults.

Today is a day for negotiations, and trying to ensure that everyone feels they have got at least some part of what they want.  I doubt anyone will come out feeling they got the best of it, but so long as we leave with some kind of agreement it'll be a win.  Gabriel is an Archangel known for clear communication, so a good one to call on today.  And if the going gets tough, I shall try to visualise a pure white light bathing the conference room ;)

I am grateful I'm just a small cog in a big machine.

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