Thursday, 5 July 2012


©Nozedar & Sutton
The Six of Cups in both the Secret Language of Birds Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) and the Haindl Tarot (U.S. Games, 1990) seems quite upbeat.

In the SLB, we see six Kingfishers, three to either side of the card, facing in towards their opposite partner and slightly upward.  A multi-coloured cup floats between the top pair of birds, and two constellations are highlighted, one between the lowest pair of birds, the other above and to the right of the top pair. 

Flying high in a starry sky, reaching ever upward, yet in perfect balance, this card seems to speak of joy, togetherness and equilibrium.  Perhaps, too, of equanimity, a feeling of being balanced at a soul level.  There's something about the birds which makes me think of bells, and they look as though they could be dancing - a very harmonious energy, overall :)
©Hermann Haindl

Looking at the Haindl, there is a row of four cups to the left, against a rocky background.  Two more cups float to the right, with a small waterfall behind them.  A star hangs above the top right cup, and a huge bubble above the lower one.

Here, all the emotions are lined up neatly, and where the emotion flows most clearly is where we find hope and a feeling of lightness.  I get the sense of emotional security built up in the four lefthand cups, leading to the potential of the right hand side for new ideas, new direction, and a feeling of oneness (it's a five pointed star, representative of hope, but also of humanity).

Admittedly, these happy interpretations are probably connected to the keywords associated with this card.  It would be quite possible to find other, less cheerful, perspectives.  Still, overall, the sense of harmony, of emotions in order rather than spilled or upset, is hard to avoid.

I hope that will be the case for me today.  My Dear One and I had a nice day out yesterday, with lunch in town and a trip to the cinema.  Of course, this afternoon I see my therapist, which might knock things out of kilter.  I sometimes feel that seeing him when I'm sad cheers me up, but seeing him when I'm happy makes me question things, so I leave there rather less cheerful :/  Does that say more about him, about me, or about the nature of therapy?

I am grateful for days of emotional calm and joy.


  1. nice art on both cards. hope you have a nice day indeed :]

  2. That is very interesting about therapy. I've had similar experiences. I've been going to psychotherapy since I was about 6 years old, up until about a year and a half ago when I stopped going (partially for financial reasons, partially for scheduling reasons). I remember sometimes going to the counselor felt like a vacation. Sitting and talking about myself without distractions. Other times it felt painful, uncomfortable or otherwise stirred up a lot of crap that I apparently didn't want to deal with. Such is the nature of the thing, I guess!


    1. Hi MM,

      Yes, that does sound pretty much the nature of the beast.

      I actually had a really good session. My therapist is very supportive, but also thinks out of the box, which can be really helpful. I may change my dissertation topic, based on what we talked about... We'll see.

      In any case, he's also really supportive of my tarot stuff - a good way to self-reflect, similar in some ways to therapy- So, why pay the big bucks when you can just read for yourself? :D