Thursday, 19 July 2012

Harmonious Choices

©Raffaele De Angelis
The inspiration for me comparing these two decks, the Dark Fairytale Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2012) and the Dark Angels Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2010), first came from Prince Le Normand.  He wrote about them a while back, and even created a hybrid deck combining his favourite of the two for each card!  After all, they're both Lo Scarabeo decks, the same size, and with similar borders and a similar theme.  While I'm not sure I'm ready to be quite that experimental, I do think it's an interesting idea. 

That notion of choices and breaking your own path is one that I see in the Dark Fairytale Two of Wands.  The eponymous two wands stand to either side of him, their crystal tops glowing a bright blue, while in front of him floats a glowing globe, a miniature earth.  Yet the angel - white of wing, dressed in a black waistcoat and trousers, with a tattoo and a goatee - sits on the outside edge of a balustrade, gazing upward.  He has the wands and the earth, yet he looks elsewhere, following his own bliss, perhaps willing to take a leap into the unknown.  For the moment, though, he sits there, enjoying the view, getting a feel for what he wants, allowing himself to be inspired.

©Luca Russo
The Dark Angels Tarot is very different, yet also charming in its own way.  A woman, almost more faery than angel with her butterfly wings, walks between two bare-branched trees.  She plays a violin, moving to her own music, breaking her own path.  And as she moves she seems entranced, so focused on what she's playing. 

Does she choose this path she's breaking, or does she just follow where the music leads her?  Or maybe the act of her choosing the music determines the road she will follow.  And how does she decide what to play?  Inspiration seems to play a role, and maybe the music changes as the conditions around her change, responding to the environment.  In that way, we return to the notion of getting a feel for where she is and allowing herself to be inspired, just as with the Dark Fairytale card...

After yesterday's wonderful skydiving experience, today I'm a little sore.  Still, it was inspiring again, so much so that we've booked to go again in two weeks time!  I'm having technical issues with posting the video, but will ask my stepdad for some help (he's a tech wizard), and hope to upload it soon.  This time I managed to tick all 10 boxes on the first level flying certificate, flying on your belly, so next time the instructor said I could try flying on my back. 

However, there are always choices to be made (and not just between belly and back flying).  The message I get from these cards is to let inspiration guide me in my decisions today, responding to the circumstances, but keeping a sense of doing what is most joyful :)

I am grateful for inspiration in all its guises.


  1. Cannot believe that you went skydiving!!! Was it amazing?!

    Not familiar with either of these two decks, but love how you've interpreted the cards.

    Like how you've got the expansiveness of the Wands going on in your personal life at the mo! Ali x

    1. Hi Ali,

      It was totally amazing!! It's like those dreams of flying, but it's real :D This was our second time, and it was great fun, though I was a bit more focused on it as a physical challenge (how to side slide in particular) rather than just being total fun this time round.

      I've had the Dark Angels for a while, and didn't really get on with it, but I've enjoyed it more with the comparison - don't think I'd ever really use it as a reading deck. The Dark Fairytale appeals to me more.

      I do like Wands energy :) Hope you've got some of it going on, too!


  2. I could not say it better than your words: "There are always choices to be made. The message I get from these cards is to let inspiration guide me in my decisions today, responding to the circumstances, but keeping a sense of doing what is most joyful."

    I am going to ponder these words today as it pertains to the 2 of Wands. I like your perspective.

    Thanks :)) and I do look forward to seeing your skydiving video. How exciting and inspiring.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Glad today's card and my words resonated with you! I am often inspired by Arwen ( who writes of being a professional joy-seeker - well worth a read :)

      I shall post my skydiving vid soon, not sure how inspiring it is, but I did have a marvelous time!