Wednesday, 25 July 2012


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Well, this is a striking combo from the Unicorn Tarot (U.S. Games, 1996) and the Unicorn Cards (Findhorn Press, 2008).  We have Death and The Christ!

In the Unicorn Tarot, the Death card shows us a skeletal figure with a scythe.  Dressed in a green robe, colour of growth and new beginnings, Death is accompanied by a skeletal unicorn.  Both stand in a barren, brown landscape, with the occasional rock, and sandy hills in the background.  Even the sky is brown.  Still, Death's robe and the presence of the unicorn speak of there being hope within this bleak vista.

This card is a good expression, in my eyes, of the idea that sometimes we need things to be really, clearly over, before we are able to let go and move on.  Things need to be bleak before we acknowledge that, yes, we'd rather be somewhere else in our lives, or maybe with someone else.

©Diana Cooper
The Unicorn Card to accompany this message is the Christ card.  The phrase at the bottom says: "Open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven."  Given that many people associate Heaven with dying, it seems a good match for the Death card! 

On a less morbid level, though, I notice that the Christ hangs suspended over green fields, not up in the clouds.  The message seems to be about moving on in some definitive way, allowing us to experience a greater sense of bliss and connectedness in our lives.

Definitive endings, and the new possibilities they open up, seem to be the common message here. 

As for me, yesterday was super-stressful, and I ate poorly -  a lot of cashews, a bit of chocolate, and a few biscuits, too!  I would like to make a break with that, rather than spiralling down into unhealthy eating.  I shall try to use these cards to remind myself of that intention...

I am grateful that change is a constant.

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