Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Moving Forward

©Raffaele De Angelis
Drawing once again from the Dark Fairytale Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2012) and the Dark Angels Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2010), the card for today is the Three of Wands.

This is a card that sometimes gives readers pause.  How is it different from the Two of Wands?  For me, the main difference is that in the Two we have a decision to make, whereas in the Three we are either moving forward based on that decision, or waiting for the results of the choice that we made. 

I see more of the former in this card from the Dark Fairytale Tarot.  A woman stands with a wand held at her side, looking up to the right of the card at a moonlit castle.  The crystal at the tip of her wand glows behind her back - she has resources to call upon - an a crow sits on one of the two other wands in the background to her side.  I get the sense of listening to messages from spirit to help guide us in our path forward.  Also, of having a goal in sight, a definite aim that we haven't yet reached, but that we have set course for.  It feels like she is thinking big, setting her sights high, and willing to work for what she wants.

©Luca Russo
In the Dark Angels Tarot, on the other hand, I see more of the "waiting" side of this card.  Here we have a dark-winged angel in an elegant cream dress and a dark, embroidered waistcoat, with a black jacket and lacy cuffs and neck.  She holds a staff in her hand, and there are also two more staffs to her side, in the foreground.  Interestingly, a crow flies above and away from her.  The tree to her other side is wintery, and the landscape seems dull and misty.  She looks down to the left of the card, gazing at we-know-not-what.

This feels like a far more passive card, waiting to see what will happen next, thinking back on what has gone before, rather than focusing on the future and what is yet to be done.  The bird flying away suggests messages unheeded - perhaps there is more that could already be done, but she isn't listening to what that could be.

I prefer the Dark Fairytale version, as Wands are a suit of action and projects, values and beliefs, of going for what you want.  The passivity of the Dark Angels card doesn't feel quite right to me.

As for me, I know what my castle in the sky is, towards which I am headed.  I'm not yet sure if it's a fairytale castle or a gothic horror, but that's another story.  For today, I have some minor steps along the path to take - a letter here, some paperwork there.  How about you: do you have a goal in sight?

I am grateful that every step and misstep is a part of my path.


  1. I like the first one a bit better because I get the feeling that she is growing tired of waiting. She may be about to go all "Hermoine" on that castle. :D

    1. Hi Arwen, I'm the same, I like the lass with attitude ;)