Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Planting a Seed

©Raffaele De Angelis
On this Wednesday in the middle of July, the card that comes to visit is the Page of Pentacles.  Let's look at both the Dark Fairytale Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2012) and the Dark Angels Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2010) versions and see what they have to say.

The Dark Fairytale Page is a woman in a sleeveless dress of black, or maybe midnight blue.  She kneels on the ground in a forest, with a red-eyed crow on her shoulder.  In her cupped palms rests a pentacle, a glowing globe lit from within.  Her reddish hair and the golden pentacle are the only colour in the dark landscape, in which more crows fly up above.

The connection of this Page to the earth is clear, as she kneels upon it in a wooded glade.  She also has a feeling of innocence and wonder.  Is she actively placing her energy, her hopes for future prosperity, into the ground in the form of the pentacle?  Or is it something she has dug up from under one of the trees, discovering treasure in the most unlikely of places?

©Luca Russo
The Dark Angels Page is also a woman in a dark dress.  However, she feels a little more desperate, less hopeful.  She stands in a graveyard, clinging to her pentacle, her gaze raised to the heavens.  Her wings are a dirty grey, her eyes are darkly rimmed, and her hair and skin are deathly pale.  The pentacle she holds seems to glow brightly in the dark, wooded landscape.  I notice, though, the little human figure on the pentacle, looking rather shocked or afraid.

Is she clinging to her earth-bound existence, wanting to experience all the new potential it offers?  Or does she feel weighed down and trapped by her own materiality?  Is she coming face-to-face with the physical reality of mortality?

In both versions I get the sense of discovery, of exploring the material world and its possibilities.  However, the Dark Angel seems sad, almost tragic, while the Dark Fairytale Page has a feeling of being spiritually connected and full of youthful curiosity and awe.

I'm hoping to tap into that sense of astonished delight today, as my Dear One and I have our second go at indoor skydiving!  I'm so looking forward to it, after the excitement and adrenaline of our first flight.  This time, I shall buy the DVD of our experience and share it with you all later ;D

I am grateful for the ability to fly!


  1. WOo! Hope you have fun! Sounds like a great activity. I'm intrigued enough that I may try it sometime if it's available anywhere around here. Admittedly I am not quite the amazing sky sylph that you are, but I hope that I'd at least enjoy it. :D

    The video should be interesting. Hehe.

    1. Hi MM,

      It was excellent fun again - really amazing. In fact, we've already booked our next flight ;) Can't upload the vid at the moment, am going to ask my stepdad how to do it and will post a link as soon as I can...