Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Riding the Wave

©Graham & Kepple
After yesterday's old flame card, today the Zombie Tarot (Quirk Books, 2012) and the Housewives Tarot (Quirk Books, 2004), offer us the ultimate romancer: the Knight of Cups.

The Zombie Knight doesn't seem all that much of a romantic at first glance.  He's out in the surf, riding a wave, a brain in his hand.  Still, it makes me think of the old Milk Tray ads where a guy did some amazing stunts to bring his lady love a box of chocolates. In the same way, here our Knight is not only strutting his stuff, flexing his pecs and showing his ability to ride the waves of emotion, but it's "all because the lady loves fresh brains" :D

Like the man in the ads, though, I have to wonder whether he does it more for the excitement and the adulation (or to monkey sex) it garners him, and less out of true love...

©Buffum & Kepple
The Housewives Tarot goes straight for the more traditional notion of romance: a guy in a blazer pouring some champagne for the lady whom he's already given a red rose.  I am equally, or perhaps even more suspicious of him than of the Zombie Knight.  I mean just look at him!  Too smooth to be true, to me he looks like a public school boy in this alma mater's jacket.  My experience with his type is that, having been to school with nothing but other boys, they have little understanding that women are actually people.  Maybe I'm too much of a cynic...

Perhaps for me today, this card is about my romance with the tarot.  I'm hoping to post a video review of the Zombie Tarot, with which I have rather fallen in love over this week of blogging (as well as the personal readings I have done with it).  I didn't really expect to like this deck - I'm not a big fan of cards with lots of writing on them (though none of those have come up this week).  In fact, I didn't buy the deck (which says something, given what a tarot addict I am), but was offered a review copy.  However, it has charmed its way into my heart, showing itself to have hidden depths and a sense of humour.  I planned to woo it for the sake of being a good reviewer, and instead have been won over in my turn ;)

I am grateful for the surprise of new love.


  1. This looks like a fun deck to work with! I may have to consider it for later...


    1. Hi MM,

      I don't mean to enable, I'm just such a tarot addict myself :) Hope you're having a good week!