Monday, 9 July 2012

Role Models

©Graham & Kepple
What a lovely card to start the week!  From the Zombie Tarot (Quirk Books, 2012) and the Housewives Tarot (Quirk Books, 2004), the Star shines out at us.

No dead or decaying corpses here, but also no starlit sky nor woman pouring water from jugs.  Instead, just a Medal of Honour for a Zombie Slayer.  This is an unusual take on the Star card, not just in terms of the image, but even of the intent.

What I see here is something to strive towards, which I suppose can be one version of a guiding light.  Whether it be acting with the possible reward of a medal in mind, or following a role model - wanting to be like someone who was awarded one of these medals - the Star that we reach for seems a rather human one.

This image also fits quite well with the sometimes expressed idea of seeing a light in our darkest hour.  Presumably, the kind of behaviour that is rewarded with a Medal of Honour often takes place under difficult, extreme circumstances - fighting off a hoard of brain-sucking zombies single-handed, for instance ;)

©Buffum & Kepple
A similar idea emerges from the Housewives version of this card.  Here, we have a woman holding a cherry pie which has won first prize in a competition.  Around her are a multitude of ribbons - awards from other pie competitions, perhaps.  They could indicate the path she has taken to reach this moment - hundreds of pies, hundreds of competitions.  Striving ever onward for the perfect pie, never giving up because she always had that goal in mind, that vision of the pie to beat all pies ;D

She could also be our role model: work hard, keep your goal in sight, imagine a perfect future, and it could all be yours!

Other than the notion of entering a zen state of mind as we focus on a particular goal - staying in the now as we swing that axe at the best possible angle to decapitate a zombie, or get the crimp on the pie edge just so - there seems very little of the spiritual, of following a higher calling, in either of these cards.  And yet, if we can find the sublime within the mundane (or in this case the ridiculous), what an achievement...

Today is the last day of my last term of college supervision, at least for this qualification!  I'm handing in my last piece of written work, and could request my diploma, if I wanted.  However, I still want to keep open the option of writing a dissertation and gaining a Masters, rather than a Postgraduate Diploma.  Still, there is certainly a little of the feeling of success and a job well-done that I see in these cards. 

It also means that I will have to say goodbye to my supervisor.  I have had her as tutor, group facilitator and supervisor at various times over the last two and a half years, and will be sad to say goodbye - she is certainly a role model for me.  Yet, there are other stars guiding me now, new challenges to take up, and new paths to follow.

I am grateful for the challenge to be utterly in the now no matter what I am doing.


  1. Wow, two such different images for The Star -- yet both do convey the message you describe. Best wishes on your journey!

    1. Hi Zanna,

      Yes, I've been rather surprised at how similar the messages of these two decks are, given they have different authors (though the same illustrator). Thanks for the good wishes :)