Thursday, 26 July 2012

Soul Satisfaction

©Hilton & Star
What lovely energy for this sunny Thursday morning!  From the Unicorn Tarot (U.S. Games, 1996) we have the Knight of Rods (Wands) and from the Unicorn Cards (Findhorn Press, 2008) we have Soul Satisfaction :)

The Knight of Rods charges into the frame, wand held aloft, his unicorn rearing up under him.  Above him we see images of phoenixs, proud and fierce, harbingers of new beginnings and hope.  The landscape around our knight is fiery red, with flames rising up to one side.  It looks almost as though he is trying to get the unicorn to dive into a flaming volcano!

This Knight is full of energy, charging in to battle whenever his passion is aroused.  He doesn't always have the staying power we might hope for, as some new cause distracts him.  Still, he is enthusiastic and energetic, advising us to make use of that focus and power while it lasts :)

©Diana Cooper
The Unicorn Card to accompany our Knight seems far calmer and more watery at first glance.  On a bridge or boardwalk by water, one man plays a flute, while a family group stands nearby, the woman holding a young child in her arms, while the man wraps his arm around her.  In the background, a dolphin leaps from the water and a unicorn flies towards the family, golden wings spread wide.

Where I really see the connection between these cards is in the phrase that accompanies it: "Aim for that which makes your soul rejoice."  This could definitely be the mantra of the Knight of Rods, who aims high, inspired by his passion and what he values in life.

This Knight's energy is welcome today - I have a lot to do.  Fortunately, tomorrow I have an easy day, so it doesn't matter if my energy only lasts for the day :)  As for soul satisfaction, the first part of the equation is to actually figure out what makes my soul rejoice, else how can I aim for it?

I am grateful to find energy and direction.


  1. I like the phrase 'Soul Satisfaction'...I should make it my mantra!

    Your balance of work, motherhood, play, discipline and everything else is admirable. I really need to work on that myself. I have a strong tendency toward stagnating in one form or another, not giving enough attention to any area but one or two.

    Lotsa hugs,

    1. Hi MM,

      I agree, Soul Satisfaction sounds like a pretty good mantra :)

      As for balancing lots of things, it seems to me that you do it, even if it doesn't always feel that way. And in the same sense that it's hard to have 100 BFF's, perhaps it's all to the good that you tend to focus more of your energy on just one or two...

      Big hugs to you,