Monday, 2 July 2012

What's in a Name?

©Nozedar & Sutton
Today's card from the Secret Language of Birds Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) and the Haindl Tarot (U.S. Games, 1990) is the Queen of Wands.  I decided to use the Daughter of Wands in the East card from the Haindl, rather than the Mother, as the Queen is the "younger" female energy in the SLB deck, next to the Goddess.  Still, I think this card demonstrates that the Queens in the SLB really are Queens, with the Gods and Goddesses being distinctly "other".  Interestingly, Haindl's ideas are similar: the companion book states: "The Mothers and Fathers in the four suits signify the tradition itself.  The Daughters and Sons bring the spiritual truths to the human level." (p. 175)  See what you think...

The figure in the Queen of Wands from the SLB is youthful looking, reminding me of a young Brooke Shields.  She stares directly out at us from the card, her tousled hair framing her face.  In front of her lie a family of cats, the kittens suckling from their mother.  Over her head, two skylarks fly, exuberant and full of life like the Queen herself.  The background is orange and red, full of fire, and warmth rather than heat.  She is sensual and charming, fiery and passionate, yet also nurturing and spiritual.  The cats link her to traditional RWS Queen of Wands imagery, and she just doesn't seem to have the innocence or curiosity of the Page/Princess, seeming "her own woman".

©Hermann Haindl
As for the Haindl Daughter of Wands, she represents Radha.  Here I do see more of the innocence of a traditional Princess/Page, as she gazes gently off to the left.  She is sensual and elegant, passionate in a quieter way, still open to learning and exploring, trying new things.  One of the tales given in the companion book is of Krishna stealing Radha's ring.  She berates him and he asks why it matters.  So, as he sleeps, she steals his clothes and puts them on, leaving her own for him to wear.  Experimenting with different roles, different ways of being, always in a playful way, well represents this card's energy.  And yet, Radha was a married woman, no naive innocent, connecting us more with Queenly energy than a traditional Page - a good match for the SLB Queen, perhaps...

Both cards, then, give a sense of passion and sensuality as well as spirituality.  Whether this is expressed in a direct and forthright manner, or a more shy and playful one, could be a matter of culture or a question of individual preference. 

It's interesting how often the Queen of Wands has come up lately: six times in the last nine weeks!  Makes me wonder what part of her message I'm not getting...  Or maybe that it's just a good time to express this energy - full of hospitality, passion, enthusiasm, enjoyment of life, and a searching for the music of our soul :)

Today, I'm back at college for my penultimate week.  I've finished my last piece of written work, so I can focus more on spending time with a friend over lunch, listening and joining in with supervision, and then going to my placement for supervision there (also a group thing).  I hope to take the time to meditate, too, connecting with spirit.  Sounds like a fairly Queen of Wands-y day ;)

I am grateful for a time of warmth, friendship and passion.


  1. I always love looking at two different versions of the same card, seeing what qualities each brings. Tarot's so gorgeously mutable that way. Both of these are going on my loooong 'to buy' list now. :)

  2. Hi Kim,
    Glad you stopped by, I've now added you to my blog list!
    I agree, different perspectives always open up new delights :) Good luck with that "to buy" list - decks are sooo addictive ;D

  3. I have noticed you pulled the Queen of Wands quite a bit! I'm glad that (unlike most everyone else I've seen) your blog posts about the Queen of Wands are not negative. I always take it personally being an Aries. Heheeeee.

    I love that Daughter of Wands from the Haindl. I have that deck and I think it's a nice court card. This pull reminded me of me and my little Page of Wands. I hope it bodes well for you somehow.


  4. Hey Chloe

    This is another of the decks that just keeps pulling me back, wondering if it is for me or not. I just love the artist's style. My only reservation is the celebrity leaning. In many, I can't tell, but with Taylor, Obama and Pavarotti, I am not sure if they would distract me. Oh yeah, and Johnny Depp. Beautiful pictures though.

    I was a bit confused by the numbering on the courts though. How do they work? I see the number XI on this one, which I would have seen as a page, being 11. Is the hierarchy all jazzed about?


  5. Hi Steve,

    The courts are definitely jazzed about - it goes Queen, King, God, Goddess. As I say here, the Queens really are pretty Queen-like, so the Page and Knight are just gone. Ali did a post on them here: which clarifies it, and gives you a glimpse at some more of the cards :)