Sunday, 1 July 2012

Winged Justice

©Nozedar & Sutton
Today's card from the Secret Language of Birds (SLB) Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) and the Haindl Tarot (U.S. Games, 1990) is Justice. 

A rather unusual take in the SLB.  Two ostriches stretch their necks high, peering at us with beady eyes. In the foreground, a woman holds a sword, while a lion in a suit holds a scales with his hand resting on her shoulder.  The two are connected by what may be a lemniscate of stars, though we can only see the top half, or simply a trail of stars.  The signs for Sagittarius and Libra are found on the woman's blue dress, and more stars glitter in a constellation above the card title (which as with all the titles in this deck is in Italian).

This feels almost like a combination of Strength and Justice, two cards whose numbers are often swapped between different decks.  Which is a little strange given this deck doesn't number the Majors at all, making the Strength/Justice debate moot!

The author, Adele Nozedar, talks of the injustice done to the ostrich, who doesn't really bury it's head in the sand.  Rather, these birds have a communal nest where they bury their eggs, and when a predator comes near the birds place their heads to the ground to hide the holes leading into the egg's hiding place.  Also, the ostrich's feather was used as a symbol of beauty, balance and justice in Ancient Egypt because of its symmetry.  Ostriches don't fly, and so their feathers, unlike other birds', don't have to be canted for airflow.  So, both sides of the feather are perfectly balanced!  I have to say, the companion book really is full of interesting information :)

©Hermann Haindl
As for the Haindl Justice, this also has a strong "bird" influence in the form of a bouquet of peacock feathers.  These form the background for a perfectly balanced set of scales.  Its bowls are silver and gold, and above each floats an iridescent bubble. The sign for Libra is also found on this card, as are the rune nyd (necessity) and the Hebrew letter lamed (ox-goad).

To me, this card says that true Justice is both balanced and beautiful.  Whether we are assessing our own life, or weighing up the actions of others, there must be a balanced perspective if beauty is to come of our actions.

Today, one thing I'll be weighing up is how the party yesterday went, and what to do with the leftovers.  On a more serious note, I feel like I have to reassess where I am in life, now that my Masters course is very nearly over.

I am grateful for some time to assess my life.

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  1. I like both of these Justice representations. The bird/feather images are prettier to me than the whole gavel/law harshness of it. I don't mind the Libran scales and such, but it's nice to have other elements.

    Mmmmm...leftovers! What did you eat?