Friday, 3 August 2012

A New Path

©Virginijus Poshkus
Once again, a lovely card to end the week with.  From both the Radiant Rider Waite (U.S. Games, 2003) and the Tarot of the New Vision (Lo Scarabeo, 2003), we have the Star.

Seen from in front in the Radiant, a woman kneels beside a pool, one foot seeming to rest upon the water.  She is naked, and holds two jugs from which water pours onto both the green meadow beside her and into the pool.  Behind her, on a low hill stands a tree with a bird perched on high.  Shining brightly above her is a golden star, with seven white stars around it.

The sense of emotional generosity and openness of this card is beautiful.  Isn't this what we all seek, someone who will give generously of themselves, without criticisms or pretences?  Yet, that requires us to behave in the same way, which can be more of a challenge.  The stars, though, suggest that we will find our way, and be guided towards a place where we can be ourselves without fear or anger getting in the way.  And what of the tree and the bird?  A messenger from Thoth, or just from Spirit more generally?  A reminder that there is potential for growth and connectedness?  In this card, it's all good!

©Cestaro & Alligo
What can the New Vision add to this? The stars are the same, but behind the woman we now see a path, at the start of which is a flaming torch at the centre of another eight-pointed star engraved in the ground.  In this version, her foot seems to rest on the shallow floor of the pool, rather than floating miraculously on the water.  And in front of her, a man walks to the right, carrying a heavy sack over his shoulder.

Is the torch to guide us to this pool that will refresh us?  Or is it a torch we must take up to light our way as we continue on with renewed hope?  The man who walks away is fully dressed and heavily burdened.  Is he a reminder of the "normal" path and an encouragement to find a different way?  Or is he telling us to up and move if we are unhappy where we are?  The woman's foot on the shallow bed makes this feel more realistic to me than the Radiant card: hope as something we can aspire to, a path we can tread if we are just willing to take up that flaming torch.

I'm feeling quite refreshed after yesterday's indoor sky diving!  The instructor we had this time was much better and explained a lot before we went in the wind tunnel.  So, I felt I got a lot more out of it, and really got a feel for some of the moves.  I even tried flying on my back, which was a nice rest for my lumbar zone, and a good stretch for my chest.  Is this a new path that beckons? 

Perhaps it's just about feeling more hopeful, that there are bright possibilities for the future...

I am grateful for new experiences and possibilities.

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