Thursday, 9 August 2012


©Permutt & Garner
Today's card from both the Crystal Tarot (Cico Books, 2010) and the Herbal Tarot (U.S. Games, 1978) is a rather sweet one - the Page of Cups.

In the Crystal Tarot, this Court card is associated with actinolite.  The book suggests this stone helps develop the skills and abilities needed in dealing with being sensitive, which can be both a gift and a drawback.  It also talks of curiosity being either a strength or weakness.  So, a lot of traits which need to be managed to make the most of them :)  Another site talks of this stone being a psychic shield, which is probably how it helps someone sensitive develop the ability to shield themselves.

The image itself shows us a young man in shades of green, blond hair blowing in the sea breeze.  He holds a large golden chalice in his right hand and looks towards it.  Meanwhile, waves lap the seashore in the background, and pieces of actinolite rest at his black-booted feet.  He seems quite dashing - young and romantic - and willing to look deeply into the emotional realm, while his dress suggests that he can be quite grounded, even when feelings flow in and around him.

©Tierra & Cantin
The Herbal Tarot present a rather different image.  A large Damiana plant grows by the side of a stream, next to which our Page sits, one foot plunged in the still waters, the other resting firmly on the bank.  A cup rests on the surface of the water, a fish poking cheekily out of it.

The positioning of his feet lends the card a similar feel to the Crystal Tarot: a combination of emotionality and practicality.  The LWB states that Damiana is an aphrodisiac, so something to stimulate that openness to new love, I guess...  The Page doesn't look at the cup or the fish on the stream, but rather gazes at the plant by his side.  Looking for love externally, rather than within himself. 

My Dear One and I had a couple of good talks yesterday, so I hope this card presages a new sense of love between us.  Other than that, I hope to have some time for another love of mine, the tarot.  I've been so busy with Big Boy and resolving problems that I've barely managed to get these posts out, never mind reading blogs or even choosing decks for next week...

I am grateful for time to spend with my loved ones, human and tarot ;)


  1. I have this Crystal Tarot. And the Pages are my upmost favourite. The artists paints such beautiful and sensitive little faces. I love them on profile with their big eyes and strong noses. I love the courts in this deck!

  2. Hi PLN,

    I agree, I really like the Courts, and the Majors, too, for the very sweet people. I do wish the pips were a bit more interesting, oh well...

    1. Yes, I agree. I don't mind the actual pips so much, but the stones look clumsy on some of the cards. Just plonked. It's a nice sunshiny deck though. I read somewhere that Emma Garner would have liked to illustrate it throughout but it didn't work with the publishers brief or time scale. A shame.

    2. That's a perfect description: a sunshiny deck! :D

      What a shame that they wouldn't pay the extra (I presume price was a factor) to have it fully illustrated! Ah well...