Wednesday, 8 August 2012


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Another grey and humid day faces us here in the UK, but the Crystal Tarot (Cico Books, 2010) and the Herbal Tarot (U.S. Games, 1978) seem undeterred by the English weather.  Instead, they bring lightness and joy to the day, in the form of the Six of Cups.

In the Crystal Tarot, this card is associated with agate.  The book says this crystal helps by "giving you the emotional strength you need to say what you are feeling."  This seems a rather idiosyncratic interpretation for this card, so often seen as linked to innocent emotions, gifts, or a resurgence of something from the past. 

The image resonates more with those ideas, with six cups arranged in a balanced manner.  There are two columns of three cups, each holding a colourful, striated agate, with three more of these pretty pinkish stones in a little pile between the two columns.  From each cup water flows into the one beneath, in a manner reminiscent of champagne fountains.  While this card doesn't really speak of childhood, it does seem full of emotional giving (pink being a colour of love, friendship and the heart chakra), and complementarity.

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The Herbal Tarot returns us to more traditional iconography, with its image of a young boy offering a slice of watermelon to a girl, who seems hesitant to take it.  This is a far more bucolic scene than the RWS image, set in a green meadow with a stream running through and snow-capped mountains in the distance.  The snow seems out of place with the watermelon that dominates the card, and which I associate with the warmth of summer.

The LWB's meanings, too, do not resonate with me.  The watermelon itself is said to be a diuretic and refrigerant, and under divinatory meanings it says: "Childish games. Only playing at love."  Neither are ideas I had ever thought of for this card, nor is it clear to me why this would be associated with a diuretic.  Though I guess a refrigerant to cool the passions so you can see the love isn't real might make sense...

Today, a new carer starts with my son, and I hope that works out, with him being emotionally giving to my little boy.  In terms of emotional discussions, though, my Dear One has brought up two things which would, each in different ways, require complete changes of our lifestyle.  Still not sure how I feel about either, and I think I need to talk with him about that...

I am grateful for the reminder that there is love even when there is emotional uncertainty.

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