Friday, 10 August 2012


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For this last day with the Crystal Tarot (Cico Books, 2010) and the Herbal Tarot (U.S. Games, 1978), we meet Chalcanthite and Juniper Berries, aka the Seven of Cups.

The Crystal Tarot version, with its non-illustrated pips, doesn't say much to me.  Seven golden chalices spilling water amongst themselves, with a pretty blue rock in each.  I guess their pattern is imbalanced, they could not stand like that.  Therefore, they must float, held up by who-knows-what force.  Which is rather Seven of Cups-like: fantasies that may not hold up to the clear light of day.

As for chalcanthite, this crystal helps us be more decisive - choosing our path, rather than "wandering into the realms of self-delusion."  The book also suggests seeking council from your spirit guides.

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The Herbal Tarot, on the other hand, shows a traditional depiction of seven cups floating amongst the clouds, with different objects in each.  There is a snake, a mask, jewellery, a castle, a heart, a wreath, and a dragon.  So many options, but which is real and which illusory.  Is the wreath a crown for a victor, or a pall for the dead?  Does the castle welcome us in or lock us out? 

The LWB talks of "the impact of thoughts in creating daily reality."  It offers us Juniper Berries, which are a diuretic, carminative, and aromatic, used for urinary disorders, fluid retention and diabetes, as well as to aid digestion.  I'm not quite clear on how these relate to the Seven of Cups.  Perhaps in that we "digest" our emotions, which influence our choices and thoughts...

I often feel rather Seven of Cups-y.  Working from home, I largely have to choose how I organise my time, what I do when.  So long as I make all my deadlines that's fine.  However, it does mean that I regularly have to decide, what will I prioritise today?  What do I feel like doing?  And I don't think my choices are always very good, being influenced a lot by how tired I am and how much I like or dislike something I need to do :/  Things do get done, but the nasty jobs sometimes end up being a last minute stress.

I am grateful for the reminder to do the crap jobs before they drown me.

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