Saturday, 4 August 2012


©Permutt & Garner
This week I decided to use two decks which both give different associations to the cards.  The Crystal Tarot (Cico Books, 2010) suggests the best stone to match each tarot card, while the Herbal Tarot (U.S. Games, 1978) recommends plant helpers.  For this first draw I pulled the Four of Swords

The Crystal Tarot shows four swords hanging point up in the air, with clouds floating around.  There are two chunks of purple stone beneath them, as well as purple gems in their pommels.  The book indicates that the stone is charoite.  I wish that the stone was actually identified on the card, as I don't like always having to consult the LWB (though it is quite a nice one, and neither little nor white).

Anyhow, the book informs us: "Charoite makes meditation easier, bringing clarity to the mind and stillness to the body."  I like the recommendation to "focus on your heart chakra and use this as a time for healing and rejuvenation".

©Tierra & Cantin
The Herbal Tarot has more traditional RWS-style pips.  In this case, a man lies slumped against a rock, a sword by his left hand, with three more floating point down above him.  There is also a large Mullein plant growing next to him, and the name of the plant is on the card (otherwise I'd never recognise them, though I'm trying to learn).  Amongst other uses, mullein is a mild calmative.  However, the book also mentions it being an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and used for upper respiratory complications and congestion, as well as for topical pain relief!  In terms of divinatory meanings, the LWB (this time both L and W) says: "Healing from the wounds of battle."

Interestingly, then, both versions suggest this is a card of healing, and link it specifically with the chest.  I often see the Four of Swords more as being about preparing for what is still to come, but I guess you first need to recover from what has already happened.

I could certainly do with some help sleeping.  Though I've been taking 5-HTP (a precursor to naturally occurring melatonin), my sleep has been rather rocky this week.  It's not even Big Boy's fault, as he has been sleeping better than I have!  I'd never heard of mullein for sleep, having used Valerian and Asphalia before landing on 5-HTP.  Maybe I shall have to hunt some out.  And I have meditated more this week than last, but slept worse - not a magical cure-all, either :(

The Herbal Tarot's card speaks to me.  Even in sleep, the man can't quite let go of the sword in his hand, and the other swords hang over him, as though infesting his dreams.  And there's the rub, I do have some stuff on my mind that certainly isn't helping.  Not that it's been there in an obvious way, but that I think it's underlying everything, and my mind tries to keep busy with other thoughts so I won't have to think about the stuff that's hard and scary!

So, even more meditation, and perhaps doing a spread to look at my fears... Sounds like a plan :)

I am grateful for the pointed reminder that trying not to think about something rarely works.


  1. Hey Darlin'

    I'm really sorry about your sleep! I know the feeling. Thankfully my sleep has improved quite a bit over the past decade or whatnot. I feel like some people struggle with sleep issues all their life (I know I have) but I find good nutrition, stress release and other methods help.

    I really think mine may be partially due to gene mutations and/or deficiencies. When I started taking fish oil, probiotics, active b-vitamins and other immune/energy and inflammatory support many symptoms lessened or disappeared entirely. One example is my severe headaches. They are pretty much completely gone. I think it can be a challenge to identify triggers to symptoms (is it too much caffeine, dairy, sugar, wheat? etc.) I think that it can be cumulative, too. You can be doing fine and then suddenly have too much of something.

    Anyway. Sorry for this semi-pointless rambling. Haha! Speaking of herbals, I've been trying Ashwagandha in the evening (my naturopath recommended it for both anxiety and sleep issues). Melatonin has helped Pele considerably. But I think, again, everyone is different.

    I think anxiety/stress have played a huge part in my sleep issues in my life, but my gene mutations (the MTHFR) make me much more prone to anxiety issues. It's a very confusing thing, but epigenetics (our ability to change our genetic heritage with good, healthy regimens) is definitely the most important thing.

    Here's hoping you feel better and get more sleep,

    1. Hi MM,

      Thanks, I did get a bit more sleep last night, thank goodness. I figured out what was bothering me, and did a reading on it to clear my head :)

      Glad to hear your sleep is better than it was, though still not great. I hadn't heard of Ashwagandha, but will look it up. It's weird to suddenly discover you have gene mutations - does it make you look at things from the past in a new light?

      Wishing you a marvelous weekend,

  2. very informative set of decks this week! looking forward to reading more.

    good luck with the sleep.

    1. Thanks, Bonkers. Not going great, so far, but a bit better. And yes, I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time with these decks, too ;D

  3. I have slept well but for not enough time lately! Five hours a night then I want to get up, even though I feel groggy and that I ought to still be asleep. Old lady syndrome?

    I always associate 4 of Swords with recovery from something. After all, it does follow on from the trying times of 3 of Swords. I look forward to receiving this deck, and in the meantime, to reading your entries about it!

    1. Hmm, it might just be that your body has gotten into a weird pattern, that you could break with a supplement like 5-HTP, or valerian, or asphalia. Really don't think you're old enough for old lady syndrome!

      It's a good point, that the 4 comes after the travails of the 3. Still, recovery doesn't rule out preparing for something once we feel better... :)