Sunday, 19 August 2012


©Stella Kauruko
Today's card from Stella's Tarot (AG Muller, 2008) is the Emperor.

He seems like a bit of a softy, surrounded by pastel colours.  Still, I notice the way his arms are held tight to his body, and his legs are crossed in the traditional Emperor pose.  He also has the ram head symbols on his chair, though they look almost more like chihauhaus :D  Although the floor beneath him is in shades of apricot, they are still in a fixed, diamond pattern, suggesting he's someone who likes clear structures in his life.

It's funny, getting this card straight after the Tower I begin to wonder whether I'm actually too Emperor-ish, though I've never much liked him.  Fighting authority from outside doesn't mean I don't try to create fixed structures in my own life: I exercise every day, I have this daily draw, I am pretty rigid about not wearing exercise clothes outside of the house, etc.  Perhaps the message of the Tower is that I need to start to accept my own Emperor-ish-ness, and then let it go - recognise that I like fixed structures in my life, but also that life has a way of throwing a spanner in these things.  The more rigid we are, the more we get upset by challenges to our rules...

I am grateful for the reminder to be aware of my Emperor tendencies, to see the funny side of them, and then let them go.

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