Thursday, 16 August 2012

Flames or Wands?

©Kurt Pilz
For this sixth day with the Ananda Tarot (AGM Müller/Urania, 2003) and the Wheel of Change Tarot (Inner Traditions, 1997) we finally have one of the regular Minors - not an Ace or a Court card.

As well as having renamed some of the suits, the images for the pips are mostly non-traditional in the Ananda.  So, here we have the Nine of Flames, showing another enormous sky, and a verdant landscape beneath it.  There seems to be a frame at the front of the card, and nine beams of light piercing up through the sky.  The lagest beam cuts in front of the frame, and all nine beams rise up through the light cloud into the ever-bluer sky above.  None, though pierces into the dark of space above the atmosphere.

This card speaks to me of seeking to illuminate the world around us, to see a little further than ordinary vision allows.  It also speaks of choosing where to focus our energy.  Not letting it disperse all over the place, but giving it a clear frame, and not trying to go beyond what it possible.  Too often, we feel we should be able to do it all - to fulfill all the social roles expected of us as employee/er, partner, parent, child.  Sometimes, though, that's just not possible, and we need to focus on what we can do, right here and right now...

©Alexandra Genetti
The Wheel of Change Tarot also has rather non-traditional pips, though in a very different way.  I love the nine kangaroos bounding across the top of the card, as well as the nine didgeridoos in the lower half of the card - each painted differently.  The companion book tells some of the myths of how they were invented and how they are connected with male fertility.  There is also a female fertility painting on the wall behind them. 

So, does this say something about us defending ourselves through moving fast (the kangaroos)?  Or else through learning to combine male and female aspects?  Perhaps, though, once again we need to leave RWS interpretations behind. 

This card speaks of the Dreamtime, the need to connect not only with our own inner being, but with the land around us.  That way lies strength, inner integration, and the ability to act with speed and determination.  We need to push beyond our normal understanding, to connect with things outside ourselves, in order to grow.

Very different messages, then, from these two variations on the Nine of Wands.  Both seem to emphasise seeing beyond the everyday, though, looking at the world around us with different eyes. 

I'm finally finding time to meditate again, which is always good for feeling connected and getting a different perspective on things.  Today, I see my therapist, too, after he was away for a week.  His viewpoint is also always illuminating. 

I am grateful for different ways of seeing.

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